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Posted on August 17, 2008
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As usual,

## means “loved to bits OMG!”
# stands for “liked.”
[] means “rather liked,” on the brink between “liked” and “not my thing.”

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Death Note Post Script: an Unofficial Blooper Reel, by moonythestrals #
Light/L, R, short. Summary: You know all of those things that should’ve happened in the actual series, but didn’t? Yeah, I don’t either - but my brain made a valiant effort to uncover them at four in the morning.
Spoilers: For the entire series, just to be safe.

Meta!fic. In my opinion, very funny. I like watching bloopers, so I enjoyed this fic a lot. It’s even more amusing on the second reading or if you try to imagine it as ‘real’ mis-filmed or mis-drawn scenes. My favourite thing: Hermione!Misa :) And the thing that made me laugh out loud was the several reshootings of THE scene from vol. 7.

And to think that I wasn’t even going to read more DN fic :) I’m a magpie *sadface*

Implication, by puella_nerdii []
L/Light, NC-17, ficlet. Warning: Spoilers through ch. 38 or so. Prompt: July 3: Death Note - L/Light - talking during sex - all the way up to the edge where logic starts to fade

Very amusing, on the dark side of things. The joy of a properly done tiny!fic is its ending, isn’t it? This one’s ending is bril.

A Shinigami Fable, by Amanuensis #
Gen, ~650 words. Summary: The Shinigami have begun to tell stories.

Witty and hilarious, it answers the burning question “Why Misa Misa?” and quite a few of others — tongue firmly in cheek, of course. Ryuk’s running commentary is perfect.

A Tithe to Hell, by Aja (bookshop) ##
Light/L, NC-17, 34,000 words. AU, set immediately after manga issue 53 (the end of the Yotsuba Arc). Warnings for: knife/bloodplay, excessive eyerolling, bad metaphoric comparisons of L to fish, amphibians, birds, monkeys, insects, cave dwellers, and fungi, ridiculous amounts of cuddling, and cake as a plot device.

This is just bloody amazing. I finished it and kept staring at the screen, robbed of words and possibly even thoughts ‘cos they simply kept returning to the scenes of this story, rotating them in my head. I’m not sure I want to read another DN fic or even delve in this fandom at all because after this, how could they bloody compare? Guh.

It’s everything I would ever want L and Light’s relationship to be, every character trait perfectly explored, every mind-game potential fulfilled, every detail of behaviour and appearance taken into account. And it’s so poignant, so beautiful! The author made me see and feel, cry and grin, be there, become them.

They say familiarity breeds contempt. For me, it rather breeds inattention, the lack of consideration. I’ve been in HP fandom for years, so I stopped admiring — stopped noticing even that unique chameleon skill that makes a good writer take somebody else’s character and recreate it perfectly, as if it were their own invention, naturally like breathing. I read a story with a Snape that is perfectly Snape, I see a Harry who is so Harry that I can’t help saying “OMG it’s him!” and I take it for granted. And only when I come to a new fandom, do I begin noticing such things again afresh. Aja took my breath away with this skill here. A perfect Light. A perfect L. Simply wow.


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