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Posted on February 17, 2008
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A fair warning: I’ve been out of HP fandom for quite a while by now. As I read HP fiction nearly not at all nowadays, please don’t expect these listings of mine to be kept up to date. If you report a broken link or suggest a new addition, I might fix/add it… in half a year. So please don’t use these lists as a proper gateway but rather as a general guidance for what to look in other places if you find a dead end here. For new stuff, check comments.

Alternate dimensions in Harry fics


What I take:

- dimensional travel or fics where parallel/alternate dimensions co-exist. I.e. our hero travels not to the past or future but to another dimension within the same time frame as their own (usually). For example, A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing (see below).
- they must be the alternate dimensions of the same HP reality! Only the same reality. No newly invented places.
- I can’t emphasise it enough: the character has to travel to another reality. If not travel, then we need to see both words in the fic.
- multiple dimension fics, like The Pendulum of Choice.
- stories where the hero wakes up in a mental hospital, thinking that his world is all in his head — often written after the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode based on this concept. Such stories fit if the two realities are shown as equal and we do not know which one is real, like in Oscillate Wildly.

King Draco’s Code, or What I don’t take:

- no time travel. If the hero just travels to another time, it goes to the Time travel list.
- NB! no fics where the hero travels to a non-Harry reality, such as Discworld, Middle Earth, and so on.
- NO simple AU fics (i.e. the fics the entirety of which shows a different reality — see travel above).
- no WIPs that have only a chapter or two written; I’d also prefer no abandoned WIPs that don’t show most of the story.
- no drabbles;
- do not bring fics that you haven’t read;
- do not bring fics that you didn’t like;
- do not bring fics the authors of which show no decent grammar or spelling skill even if you liked them;
- PLEASE: I have little free time recently, so do me a courtesy, do not leave only a link. I’d be really grateful if you tell me (besides the title and author) whether the fic is a WIP or completed, what the pairings and the rating are; what kind of alternate dimension there is. You’ll spare me hours of rushed reading! If you are unsure about a certain fic, describe it in some detail and ask.

Fics are sorted in alphabetical order by TITLE (articles excluded).

These are NOT my recs; it’s just a themed listing.

Special marks:

# - liked
## - loved
NR - have not read
new - added in the last month or so.

NB: Have a look at the list of multiple alternate universes in one fic, compiled by xenobart

The A/N at the end of the chapter 4 of unzum’s fic Disappear lists lots of Alternate Dimension fics posted at FFnet. The info includes author and title. Those who are interested can go look for these fics using FFnet search engine. I haven’t checked them; I don’t have time for it. If you are a fan of the theme, please go browse on your own.

Across the Universe, by mira mirth
PG, gen, short. Summary: “James Potter observes as Harry arrives to an alternate dimension where his parents are alive and Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived.”

Adrift in A World, by Miss Whiskers NR
PG-13, WIP. Summary: “Harry Potter is thrown into an alternate universe due to archaic rules of magic. Hiding under the alias of Chris Collins, he tries to find a place among the suspicion of those he knew and some he never did, as Voldemort’s power grows.”

Aeternus Praestolatio, by blazingfirewolf NR
Snape/Harry, R, discontinued WIP. Summary: [Pre HBP]Brought to an Alternate Reality where Voldemort died years ago, Harry Potter has to cope with, yet again, being expected to save the world. The problem is, he failed the last time he tried.

All Possible Worlds, by gafna #
Harry/Draco, R, ~13K words. Summary: “Harry and Draco inadvertently fall through a magic mirror that reveals more about them than they ever wanted to know, changing their relationship forever. HBP compliant.” In the Hall of Mirrors, Harry and Draco live through several versions of the possible future.

And Loyal Hope Survives, by Stasia NR
Snape/Hermione, PG, chaptered fic. Warnings: Major character death. Het, but there’s nothing … um, sexy. Summary: Severus and Hermione, living parallel lives, deal with the effects of the war and its aftermath. As years pass, strange things begin to happen to them, making them think that their losses might not be as permanent as they previously thought.

Anyone, Anyone But Me, by brainchild NR
Gen, PG, chaptered novella. Summary: “If you had one wish, what would it be? To rule the world? To be immortal? To fall in love? Or to be happy at last? This is the story of Harry Potter’s wish.” A genie grants Harry’s wish that someone else bore his burden and he lives temporally in an alternate world where Neville is the BWL and Harry never lived with the Dursleys.

The Art of Adaptation, by drusillas_rain (locked)
Snape/Remus, NC17. Summary: Severus Snape and Remus Lupin get thrown into a parallel world. Everything around them is so familiar, but nothing is the same.

The Beginning of Be Mine, by themostepotente
Snape/Harry, past implied Harry/Ginny and Snape/Regulus, NC-17, novella. Summary: Harry embarks on a strange journey to a place where all things, even second chances, are possible.

A Black Comedy, by nonjon NR
Harry/various, Sirius/various, R. Humour, long. Summary: “Two years after defeating Voldemort, Harry falls into an alternate dimension with his godfather. Together, they embark on a new life filled with drunken debauchery, thievery, and generally antagonizing all their old family, friends, and enemies.” Harry and Sirius end up in a world where Sirius and Harry died that Halloween instead of James and Lily. Voldemort is still around but more like a terrorist than a dark lord.

Butterfly, by fayfairy #
Harry/Draco, R, short. Summary: “I had made a promise, and I would keep that promise even if it meant I had to keep changing the past. I promised I would save him.” Draco keeps changing his universe so he can save Harry.

The Changeling, by Arionrhod
Snape/Lupin, R, one-shot. Summary: A supernatural encounter in the Forbidden Forest gives Severus a glimpse of how a single event changed his life forever.

Changing Lives, by fufu.a.k.a.speechless NR
Gen, PG-13, WIP. Summary: Harry wakes up to find himself in another universe, but there he is considered rude and cruel. How will Harry deal with this new world, especially when his parents are alive?

Circles, by amusette
Snape/Harry, R, short. Summary: AU. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we remember those we loved in another life. Sometimes, if we are not so lucky, we don’t quite remember correctly.

Coexistence, by Darkcyan NR
PG-13, discontinued WIP. Summary: “AU During his fourth year, Harry begins to feel that something is Not Right. He studies incessantly and when Voldemort is resurrected, he knows of a spell that can get rid of the monster forever… unfortunately, there are side-effects…” Post-GOF, fourth year Harry travelling between canon universe and an AU of the marauder’s era. Not the same time frame, but definitely an alternate reality.

Counterparts, by humantales (you’ll have to register) NR
PG-13. Summary: “After leaving the Dursleys in the summer after fifth year, Harry goes to Godric’s Hollow and finds himself … at home. AU with a twist.”
Sequel: Learning To Vanquish, 15 chapters, complete. Back in Harry’s original world, but includes correspondence with the AR; they collaboratively research for the fight against Voldemort. Both stories are also available on LJ.

Delusions, by acidpop25
Gen, R, ficlet. Summary: “You’ve been diagnosed with acute schizophrenia.” It alternates between Luna in a mental hospital and Luna being tortured by Lucius.

Demon Among Us, by lethe medusa (Rhionae) (or in the author’s yahoo group) NR
Gen (?), WIP (discontinued?). Summary: “An accident in Charms transports Harry Potter into an alternate dimension - but what exactly does he bring with him into this world where his family are alive? Will they be able to accept him for who he is?”

Desires in Another Mirror, by cosmic_llin NR
PG-13, sort of gen-ish but with pairings in the background (Remus/Sirius, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Lily/James), discontinued WIP. Summary: “Almost six years after he first looked into the Mirror of Erised, Harry’s still wishing for a family, still wishing that his parents hadn’t died on that night in October. He’s about to get his wish. But it won’t be what he was expecting, and things aren’t quite what they seem…” Harry finds himself in another version of reality where Voldemort never went to Godric’s Hollow and his parents (and siblings) are alive.

Destiny Reversed, by chattypandagirl
PG-13, novel-length. Summary: One morning, Harry Potter wakes up in a different world. His parents are alive, and Neville now bears the scar. Things are different and Harry finds that he’s starting to like that the weight of the world is no longer on his shoulders. Unfortunately, Neville may not be able to bear that weight, and Harry has to make the decision about whether or not to allow an unprepared Neville to face the Dark Lord and complete the Prophecy, or if he should accept the responsibility again and finish what he set out to do.

Destiny Turns, by julesmonster NR
Harry/Snape, Remus/Sirius, R, novella. Summary: “Harry is living on the streets after being severely abused by his Uncle. Now sixteen, he has been having strange dreams of a magical world…a world that is about to come crashing into his reality. (The warnings for non-con and chan are mostly in reference to events that happened before the beginning of this story.)” Harry has dreams of canon Harry throughout the story.

Destiny’s Ghost, by JadeLMSkywalker NR
Harry/Hermione (?), PG-13, WIP. Summary: He is foreign to this new world, a world so similar to his own and yet so different. His name is Harry Potter. His new destiny is unknown. All that is known is his world has been torn asunder and nothing of who he is remains. What is Harry Potter to do?

Disappear, by unzum NR
Gen, PG-13, WIP (discontinued?). Summary: Harry is transported into an alternate universe where he finds Sirius and his parents are still alive and he is Voldemort’s most infamous deatheater. Post OotP.

Doppelganger, by vichan (or here) #
Harry/Draco, R, discontinued WIP. Summary: Harry sees himself in a mirror with a green towel. Draco is nice to him one second, and his typical self the next. What does it all mean?

Earthbound Spook, by crawfords_lover #
Harry/Draco, PG-13, novel-length. Summary: “Harry has no reason to like or trust Draco Malfoy. The fact that Malfoy has already died once shouldn’t change that.” Takes place in the HP world except Draco Malfoy is dead…at least until a Draco from another world shows up.

Everything He Ever Wanted, by Beth H
Snape/Harry, PG, one-shot. Warnings and other pairings: in the fic post. Summary: Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if at life’s end, you were given everything you’d ever wished for? Severus Snape used to think so.

Faerietayle, by Kamerreon NR
Harry/Harry, also Neville/Lavender, Dean/Seamus, and Ron/Hermione, R, novella. Summary: AU: Harry Potter had completed his task, the Dark Lord was dead. He believed no one would ever love or understand him. Luna told him there was a chance for both. Yet, to be happy he would have to suffer all over again. He agreed. Love was worth it.

Fiat Lux, by Kalena (imkalena) (links to following parts at the bottom) #
Snape/Sirius; NC-17, novella. Summary: “Death, where is thy sting?” Warning: “I wrote dead people.” In the alternate reality, Voldemort dies before he becomes a dark lord.

The fine line between then and now, by dragon_charmer
Harry/Draco, PG-13, ~14K. Warning(s): Character death/disappearance; confusing time travel scenario, MPreg. Summary: What if everything changed and you didn’t know how to make it right again?

Fire on Darkness, by Asrai
Snape/Harry, R, novel-length. Summary: What if…? Or: This is here. This isn’t.

For our allotted time is the passing of a shadow, by Florahart #
Cedric/Hermione, R, novella. Summary: Ten years after Harry Potter won the Tri-Wizard Tournament alone, a dream that isn’t a dream brings some of the players back together. Warnings: Canon and not-canon deaths mentioned; AU.

Forsake Me Not, by Aya-dono NR
PG-13, WIP. Summary: “Harry dies during the Final Battle, after defeating Voldemort. His soul is switched into the body of the Harry Potter of an alternate universe where his parents are alive, Neville is the BWL, and he’s a Gryffindor sixth year with an inferiority complex. AU”

A Fracture of the Mind’s Eye, by Rushlight (or here) ##
Harry/Lucius, Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape, Harry/Remus; NC-17; novella. Summary: “Harry faces a tragedy at the end of his seventh year that changes his life forever.” Harry lives in two realities and doesn’t know which one is real.

Friend Like Me, by LadyVader #
Harry/Draco; NC-17; novelette. Summary: “Draco’s rendition of the Love story that never was.” It’s a fantasy fused with reality fic, but the fantasy one reads as real.

Harry Potter and the Decisions of Fate, by kyc639 NR
Harry/Hermione, PG, long. Summary: COMPLETE with Alternate Ending! Sixth year fic. Harry wakes up one morning in Slytherin. Harry must figure out what caused him to be in Slytherin, what’s changed in his world, and how to get things back the way they should be.

Harry Potter and the Mirror of Paradox, by yih NR
R. Part 1 of Paradox Series. Summary: “Transported into another dimension by a mirror cursed by Voldemort, Harry enters a world where he died as an infant and ruled by Voldemort. Left with no choice, he adapts- along the way getting resorted into Slytherin.” AU with parallel universes. However, when Harry does go back he varies what year he lands in due to a time turner…(because he actually does it twice, erasing the previous trip).

Harry Potter and the Time of Good Intentions, by Barb (psychic_serpent)
Harry/Ginny, R. Second part in the Psychic Serpent Trilogy, long. Summary: “During his fifth year, Trelawney did a Tarot reading for Harry. She told him he would have to make a choice that could “change the world as we know it.” At the beginning of his sixth year, Harry chooses, and the world does change. Does it change for the better? If he wants, can Harry change it back? Or is giving Harry exactly what he wants Voldemort’s ultimate revenge?”

Hogwarts Express, by Closet Skeleton
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-length. Summary: “Now boarding the Hogwarts Interdimensional Express. Please mind the gap.” Several universes.

The If Sieve, by crawfords_lover #
Harry/Draco, R, chaptered novella. Summary: The device sat on Draco’s bed, denting the heavy green quilt into a rumpled dip. It looked a little like a Pensieve: a solid stone bowl filled with quivery silver liquid. Warnings: Uses most of my favourite fandom cliches. But I hope I’ve done something interesting with them. Multiverse.

In Medias Res, by Reddwarfer
Snape/Harry, NC-17, one-shot. Summary: Harry learns that to reconstruct he must deconstruct. He could have never predicted that the process would include Jean Paul Sartre, Snape naked, and Hell on Earth. Warnings: Breath play. First time. Philosophy.

In Search of a Family, by Light Avatar NR
WIP; slight Harry/Hermione, PG. Summary: The younger sister of the famous and spoiled BoyWhoLived, Lilac Potter is sick and tired of being belittled by Harry. Then one day, she gets the brother she always wanted: but from another world.

Into the Cold Fire, by Shamera NR
Harry/Draco, PG-13, novella. Summary: After a final fight with Voldemort, Harry is sent to another world… a world where he died ten years ago, Voldemort is still at large, and his parents are alive. But the differences aren’t stopping at that. H/D *Complete with Epilogue!

It Isn’t Easy Being a Hufflepuff, by trillium248 NR
Gen (?), PG-13, WIP. Summary: Harry defeated Voldemort at a price he doesn’t yet understand. He wasn’t certain he would survive the final battle and so wasn’t terribly concerned about any price he had to pay… But he DOES survive and he wakes up to find himself in another dimension where Neville is the boy-who-lived and Harry is… A HUFFLEPUFF!? What?

It’s a Blunderful Life, by blamebrampton
Harry/Draco, also Harry/Snape, PG, one-shot. Sort of H/D Christmas Carol.

Keep your distance, by Mysstique NR
WIP; PG-13. Summary: “Harry wakes to find himself in a world not his own, it seems much better. His parents are alive, and he’s got younger siblings. However, he discovers much more has changed, and for the worse…” Canon Harry finds himself in a world where his counterpart is a DE. His counterpart ends up in the canon universe.

A Lesson in Patience, by expiry 4.23 NR
Snape/Harry, PG-15, ~30,000 words. Summary: Instead of dying, Severus’ soul is sent to a place he thought impossible - into the body of himself in another world. It’s a world free of Dark Lords and debts to Dumbledore, but it bears a catch: no magic.

A Lifetime of Afters, by Furiosity #
Pairing: Harry/Draco, but it isn’t the point. Genre: Suspense/Drama. NC-17, 13000 words. Summary: In which Draco Malfoy wakes up in his bed, but no one is home. Warnings: Violence, non-con, humiliation, character death. Not quite alternate dimension but I think it fits here.

Light in the Shadows, by A Brighter Dawn NR
Harry/Draco, R, WIP. Summary: “In another universe, where Harry Potter never existed, things are getting desperate. Voldemort rules all with Lucius at his right hand and Draco as his dark heir. Those who would rebel against him have been placed in the Shadow Camps. A last group of radicals desperately seek the help of one who can defeat the Dark Lord. They use a long forgotten ritual to bring them someone with the power to destroy this evil… Harry Potter never can get a break.”

Liminal, by Yevgenie
Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco, NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “On the first day of his seventh year, in the space of time between disembarking the Hogwarts Express and the Sorting in the Great Hall, Harry Potter vanished, leaving behind his luggage, his owl, his half-completed schoolwork, and a headless chocolate frog which was recovered the next morning, with great consternation, from the Hogsmeade platform.”

The Long Road Home, by Flamata NR
PostHBP; Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione; PG-13, novel-length. Harry, Ron and Hermione travel to a different dimension in order to find a way to destroy the Horcruxes. They disguise themselves as teachers at Hogwarts, where Neville is the boy who lived and Lily and James are still alive.

Mine Series by Gillian Middleton (gillianinoz) (or here) ##
Stories so far: Mine, Snape’s Vocation, The Owl and the Puppydog, The Absence of Unhappy and After All These Years. Gen; PG, series. Summary: “Against his better judgement Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy-Harry Potter!” In The Absence of Unhappy, AU!Snape sees his canon self’s life.

The Mirror Of Maybe, by Midnight Blue #
Harry/Snape, R, WIP. Harry falls into a magical mirror, where he spends 13 years in an alternate reality while only about 15 minutes pass in this world.

Never Say Remember, by Malora #
Gennish (some Snape/Lily), PG-13, WIP. Summary: 13-year-old Harry enters an alternate universe that is both his dream come true and his worst nightmare. He’s traded souls, and another boy–another Harry–is living his life. How are the two lives connected to Snape, and what is Snape’s dark secret?

No Way Back, by Meri (meri_oddities) (or here)
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novel-length. Snarry Games entry. Team: War Time, Genre/s: AU and Angst, Prompt: Time Bomb. Summary: At the end of fifth year, Harry falls into a mirror and is forever changed by the experience.

On the Last Day of Our World, by Sansa (sansa1970)
Harry/Draco, R, novel-length. Summary: “During a detention, Harry and Draco get locked in a strange room together overnight. When they escape the next morning, they discover they are alone. Love, angst and adventure abound as they struggle to survive in an empty world.”

Oscillate Wildly, by Marks (R-rated version at the FA) ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17, novel-length. AU. “After a particularly gruelling Occlumency session, Harry practically comes apart at the seams and finds himself living partway between two lives. One is his life at Hogwarts. In the other, he’s been in a mental institution for the better part of six years. What happens when Harry realises his whole life may be one elaborate fantasy?”

The Other Side of the Mirror, by Darkcyan NR
PG-13, Severitus fic; discontinued WIP. Summary: “On his fifteenth birthday, Harry Potter begins to dream of someone disturbingly familiar. As the weeks pass, the dreams continue. What will happen when he returns to Hogwarts? And are these changes he’s experiencing just puberty … or something more?” Post-GOF, involves several alternate-Harry’s and their universes.

Parting Ways, by morgan_d
Seven chapters, complete, gen. Summary: “Strange revelations lead Remus and Harry to an attempt to bring Sirius back, which leads them to more and even stranger revelations.”

The Pendulum of Choice, by Rushlight ##
Various pairings; G to NC-17; novel-length. Summary by Ntamara: “In a future in which Voldemort stands to conquer the wizarding world, and only Harry and Albus have survived so far, the Headmaster gives Harry a pendulum that will allow him to travel to alternate realities, in search of a happier ending.”

Phantasmagoria, by Furiosity (or here, password needed) #
Harry/Draco; NC-17, novella. Summary: There are other worlds beyond this one, but Harry is not looking for them. Far from it: he is only looking for the last Horcrux. Along the way, he meets someone he did not expect and finds a world he didn’t know existed. It all sort of goes arse over tea kettle from there. Or perhaps not.

Plantagenet, by HiBob NR
PG-13; novel-length. Summary: “Harry found the boy by falling on him. He remembers the blood. Professor McGonagall recognized the boy, even with Harry next to him. His presence would change the future more than anyone could imagine. A completed story.” The boy in question is Harry from an Alternate Universe. There is travel between the two worlds and the story takes place in both.

A Question of Whom, by Raven (malfoypatriarch) #
Gen, PG, one-shot. Summary: “Experts say that with a mere blink of an eye, a person can dream. The dreams last but a second and within that second, an entire life can be made up. A life completely different from the one you’re living now. Who’s to say then, that we’re not all dreaming our own lives? And who’s to say what will be greeting us when we awaken?”

Right or Easy, by razzle-dazzle-me NR
PG-13, WIP. Summary: “AU The final battle has been won, but was it worth the cost? Harry, alone and determined, sets out to rewrite history for a better world … only to find himself stranded in another.”

Ripped, by wolfiekins
Harry/Ron, R, ~10K words. Summary: Harry awakes to find himself in a strangely familiar place, surrounded by people he recognizes but who cannot possibly be real.

Running, by Captain Tulip (or here)
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novelette. Warnings: Dubious consent, OFC character death, and allusions to past torture, rape and abuse.

S. Morgenstern’s Through the Looking Glass (abridged), by el_em_en_oh_pee #
Harry/Draco, canon pairings, PG, ~3800 words. Team: Canon. Prompt: Moon. Warnings: thinly disguised meta, maybe, but really, none. Summary: The moon Tarot card is associated with such things as “illusion. Escape into daydreams to avoid dealing with reality. Inability to discern reality from illusion”. Herein lies S. Morgenstern’s epic rendition of a man whose dreams and reality become increasingly blurred after a traumatic event, now abridged by editor Eloise Midgen.

A Second Chance, by S.L (tamethestars00) NR
PG-13, WIP (discontinued?). Summary: The war in his world is over: Harry Potter, tired of fighting, uses a spell that will take him to a new world, where his parents, and friends are alive, but where he died as a baby. Is this new start too good to be true?

Second Life, by Nia River NR
PG-13, gen so far, WIP Summary: “Hermione and Ron are hurt very badly in the debacle in the Department of Mysteries at the end of OotP. When Harry finds a time turner, he uses it, intending to go back to when his parents were still alive to warn them. But Harry being Harry, it goes wrong. Not only does he appear in the wrong time, he also appears in another dimension. So he finally decides to adopt his other younger self.”

A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing, by Mahaliem ##
Harry/Draco; R; novella. Summary: “Draco hits his head and wakes to find himself in another world where he’s a Gryffindor and Harry Potter is a Slytherin.”

The Snake, the Dragon and the Darkness, by Hunter6 NR
Harry/Draco/Snape (?), R, discontinued WIP. Summary: “The Snake, the Dragon and the Darkness are Voldemort’s most heartless, most vicious and most intelligent followers. But this is not our world; the trio does not exist here. That is until the Snake is pulled in this dimension. Heaven help them all.”

Spinning Off Course, by Hijja (kennahijja) (or here) ##
Harry/Lucius, Harry/Sirius, Harry/Rabastan; NC-17, novella. Summary: “Awful things have happened when wizards have meddled with time…” Warnings: Non-con, dub-con, breathplay, bondage, CBT, and more on the same side of kink.

Stealing Harry and the sequels, Tales From the River House and Laocoon’s Children, by Sam Vimes (copperbadge) (use the navigation bar on the left or tags; or here) ##
R; Sirius/Remus. Epic, AU where Sirius and Remus kidnap Harry from the Dursleys and raise him by themselves. Tales… show us Harry’s life with Sirius and Remus in hiding, and also the home lives of Draco, Neville and Padma. The next story in the arc, WIP, Laocoon’s Children, follows Harry when he, Draco, Neville and Padma enter Hogwarts. Remus gets glimpses of the canon universe.

A Stranger in an Unholy Land, by serpant-sorcerer NR
R, novel-length. Summary: “Days before his 6th year, Harry Potter is sucked into another universe by forces not of this world. Dazed and confused, Harry finds himself in a world where his parents are alive, where Voldemort has never fallen and he is Voldemort’s key enforcer.”
Sequel: A Stranger in the Promised Land. R, WIP. Summary: PART II: Harry Potter thought that he had found a way home but something went wrong. Now he finds himself trapped in another dimension, in which someone else was cursed with the famous scar, and Tom Riddle never became the Dark Lord.

A Stranger to Friends, by Encaitarince NR
Gen, hints of Harry/Ginny, PG-13, discontinued WIP. Summary: “Harry Potter discovers a way to defeat Voldemort, but in order to do so he must leave his friends behind and embark on a quest that will lead him to a world not his own.”

A Theory of Glass, by Snegurochka Lee #
Remus/Sirius, Remus/Bill, Sirius/Lucius; NC-17, novella. Summary: The untold story of the battle at the Department of Mysteries is that when Sirius went through the veil, Remus went after him… and came out in a different reality. Now he must find Sirius, put three disrupted worlds back in place, and ultimately decide which one is real – and which one he wants to stay in. Warnings: top!Remus, rough sex, bondage, biting, hair pulling, dubious consent, dirty talk, rimming, and a tiny bit of blood play. There is also voyeurism, 17-year-old consensual sex, and character death within alternate realities.

Things That Seem, by Maeglin Yedi (or here) ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17, novella. Summary: “A potion gone wrong. A desperate wish. A new future. And a…horse?”

Three O’Clock in the Morning, by Doneril NR
PG-13, novel-length. Summary: “After the occurances at the end of OotP, Sirius finds himself on the pavement of a Muggle city. Slowly he begins to learn of a life beyond the Veil, but, when old alliances crumble and he must depend upon his enemies, Sirius begins to long for home.” Post-OotP, canon Sirius ends up in a non-magic AU of the Harry-verse.

Through the Looking Glass, by strigoia
Harry/Draco, PG, short. Summary: What if a single rash decision made in your youth set the stage for years of conflict? And what if you were given a chance to see the way things might have been?

A Time to Change, by Sansa (sansa1970) (or here) #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novel-length. Summary: “Harry wishes he was never the Boy-Who-Lived and his wish is granted. Now he has to bear the consequences, namely sacrificing everything he has gained in order to save his world. He finds love along the way, but will it be snatched away from him just like everything else?” Time travel and alternate dimension combined.

To Unstopper Time, by Chthonya #
Gen, Snape, Harry, PG-13, short. Warnings: DH spoilers, AU, some swearing. Summary: What if Severus and Lily had stayed on speaking terms?

Tom Marvolo Riddle Potter, by SisterDear #
Gen, PG-13, chaptered novella. “When Voldemort is defeated, the fragment of his soul still stuck in Harry drags the Boy Who Lived with it through time in search of another, complete version of itself. A time travel, Harry adopts Tom Riddle story.” This is both time travel and alternate reality.

The Upper Deep, by atrata #
Snape/Harry, R, one-shot. Summary: Reality is the stuff of dreams. Or possibly the stuff of poison. Notes: Wholly unoriginal plot device swiped from BtVS ep. 6×17, “Normal Again.”

Vocare Prabia, by Amber Evans Potter NR
PG-13, discontinued WIP. Summary: When Harry gets transported to another universe where his life is turned upside down. Is there any way that he can go home? And does he want to when he finds out his parents are still alive there?

Voldemort in the Loony Bin, by Mahaliem #
Gen, PG-13, one-shot. Summary: Pretty much what you’d expect from the title. Notes: There are stories in fandom where the hero wakes up in a mental hospital. Everyone tries to convince the hero that his world is all in his head. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a wonderful episode based on this concept and I’ve read a terrific fanfic in the Harry fandom with the same idea. This is my version of that cliché.

Warping Circumstances, by Deritine NR
PG-13, WIP. Summary: AU Post HBP. DH semi-compliant: The horcruxes are destroyed- the bits of soul latched on to Harry’s own. But killing himself only sends Harry to an alternate dimension, this one desperately vulnerable to the dark soul he carries.

When Fate Steps In, by The Minx 17 []
Snape/Harry, light R, ~20000 words. Genre: Alternate Universe. Prompts: Trial, Kiss. Summary: Sometimes the best wishes are the ones that sneak up on you.

The World’s Gone Crazy, by Allanasha ke kiri NR
Harry/Draco, R, long. Summary: Harry finds himself in a world completely different than his own. One where Albus Dumbledore has snapped, and Voldemort is headmaster. Lily and James are alive, and Harry is thrown for a loop.
WIP sequel: And it’s Takin me With it.

The World Without Me, by Eternal Cosmos NR
PG-13, WIP. Summary: Harry won the war against Voldemort but at a terrible price. Fawkes gives him another chance in a new world where he died as an infant and where Voldemort still lurks in the shadows…but not for long, because when one exists the other cannot survive.

Worlds Together, by GatewayGirl #
Surprise pairing(s), slash and het, NC-17, short. Summary: Harry has been disconnected since the end of the war, several years ago. When he rescues a familiar-looking stranger, he finds himself with connections. Warnings: Incest, Sex, Spanking, Voyeurism.
Sequel: Making It Right (Various pairings, NC-17, novelette).

Many thanks to everybody who took part in the search!

Know any other good stories that fit here? Please, share!


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