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Posted on October 5, 2007
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A fair warning: I’ve been out of HP fandom for quite a while by now. As I read HP fiction nearly not at all nowadays, please don’t expect these listings of mine to be kept up to date. If you report a broken link or suggest a new addition, I might fix/add it… in half a year. So please don’t use these lists as a proper gateway but rather as a general guidance for what to look in other places if you find a dead end here. For new stuff, check comments.

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Harry Potter/Remus Lupin

Fics are sorted in alphabetical order by title (articles excluded).

Long fics (over 20K words)

Remus Re-erected, by Sheepybunbuns []
Also Remus/Sirius in the past; R or NC-17, depends on whether you read NC-17 scenes, which are put separately. Summary: Just before Harry begins his 6th year at Hogwarts, Remus unintentionally gets involved in a wind-up designed to make Dudley jealous, and this results in an unexpected intimacy between Harry and Remus. As Remus tries to present the same face to the outside world that he has always shown, whilst having an illicit relationship, he finally learns what’s important in life and what his priorities really are. Warning: Harry is 16.

Achtung, HP/RL shippers! A long fic! You see? We have a Remus/Harry novella, with plot! Finished! Not action/adventure, but still plot. I think it’s an excuse to celebrate. This fic is well-structured: the subtitles play important part, every chapter begins in the past that gets compared to the present, and these transfers from past to present are done smoothly. The pranks are amusing. As for me, it becomes a bit sappier than necessary towards the end, but I’m ready to overlook some things for the very fact of Remus/Harry long fic. I did enjoy it.

Short(ish) fics

August Twelfth and December Twenty-third, by Sanj []
R and NC-17. Warning: underage.

These two stories are everything I could want in my ideal Remus/Harry. It’s so warm and moving! And sexy but not too porny, if you get what I mean. Wonderful fics!

For gods to menace fools, by Eodrakken (pauraque) #
NC-17. Warnings: Dubious consent. Summary: The week after his birthday, Harry comes to say goodbye to Lupin. It doesn’t go the way he expects.

A PWP, but a really memorable one. It’s not nice but sort of nice in how it turns out. Not romantic, awkward, realistic, great sex. It’s at the same time darkish and hopefull but with no promises. It features a petty!Lupin - the thing I’ve never seen anywhere else. But he’s rather moving in his pettiness all the same.

Ill Advice, by Maeglin Yedi (also here or here) #
NC-17. Other pairings mentioned. Summary: Remus is acting oddly, and may even be keeping secrets. Harry is determined to help him out any way he can. Warning: underage.

In Three Moons, by GatewayGirl #
NC-17. Summary: At the last battle, Harry is saved by werewolves, with some unexpected consequences.

I didn’t like it at the beginning ‘cos it seemed to be your average tame-werewolf-pack-alpha-blah-blah-blah fanfic, but it becomes much more interesting as it progresses, with lots of fascinating stuff; IMO, becomes better with every page. It features virgin!Harry who’s faking experience, soft-spoken but dangerous Remus (not in that very cliché way we are all used to), fabulous scenes with Charlie, really fascinating and sensual stuff about the werewolf curse shown through Harry’s experience. It’s lovely and interesting and hot! The very pairing, Remus/Harry, reads like a most natural, logical thing here. Wonderful reading!

Me Boy, You Wolf, by Lux (escapisms) (or here) #
R. Summary: Harry is caught out late at night without his wand. Warnings: chan, sort of bestiality but not really, sort of golden showers, bad humor.

Microcosmos, by Eodrakken (pauraque) #
G; pre-slash. This one is for lycoris, who requested Lupin/Harry, dealing with Sirius’s death.

Of Ice Mice and Tickling Scarves, by coffeejunkii #
NC-17. Summary: The story of how Harry Potter survives Christmas shopping in Hogsmeade while also trying to seduce Remus Lupin (with an appearance of ignorant sales witches and meddling friends).

This is a warm and lovely story, very Christmas-y in mood — but not fluffy. Harry and Remus’s relationship is wobbling on the threshold of there and not-quite-there; it’s moving and awkward. The sex is wonderfully written. But what happens after is, IMO, even better. I also loved all those small magic touches: the same Weird Sisters’ Kneazle song, ice-skating Ice Mice, charmed scarves. Very enjoyable.

Paper Moon, by Moshes (password-protected) #
NC-17. First time, angst, romance, underage (Harry is 15). Summary: During the summer before his sixth year, Harry goes to stay at Grimmauld Place with Remus, where they clear out Sirius’s old bedroom.

The Phases of the Moon, by Maeglin Yedi (or here) []
NC-17. Warnings: Underage. Summary: As the night of the full moon draws near, Remus’ motivations for teaching Harry the Patronus Charm become less noble. Author’s Notes: Big thanks to Gina for the wonderful beta

You really got a hold on me, by sazzlette #
NC-17. Warnings: Stupid!Harry, pervert!Remus, and sex on a kitchen table. Oh, and clitorises. Summary: Lying on his back in the garden, Harry Potter stared up at the cloud formations and wondered how to go about losing his virginity.

Very amusing. It’s just light and silly (not crack!) and enjoyable. The clitoris is unforgettable, let those who have read the fic be my witness.

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