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Posted on October 2, 2007
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A fair warning: I’ve been out of HP fandom for quite a while by now. As I read HP fiction nearly not at all nowadays, please don’t expect these listings of mine to be kept up to date. If you report a broken link or suggest a new addition, I might fix/add it… in half a year. So please don’t use these lists as a proper gateway but rather as a general guidance for what to look in other places if you find a dead end here. For new stuff, check comments.

For Dita P, on her request.


What I take:

- somebody runs away from the Wizarding world and chose to live like a Muggle;
- somebody has been stripped of magic or lost it as a result of illness or such and has to live like a Muggle;
- the whole Wizarding world lost magic as a result of the war or such;
- somebody has to live amongst Muggles or have a Muggle job, if they do NOT use magic (much) in their everyday life or can use it only when going away from there;
- I’ll take ONLY the Muggle ARs if I personally like then or if I’m certain the quality of writing is decent. There are too many Muggle ARs out there that are barely readable;
- Muggle characters play key part in the fic, especially if they are aware of wizards.

Won’t do:

- just elements of Muggle world in the Wizarding one like characters dressed in Muggle clothes, or using Muggle devices at home, or having a couple of Muggle friends whom they meet occasionally, or visiting Muggle places for a short time, like shopping or going to a restaurant.
- no WIPs that have only a chapter or two written;
- no drabbles;
- do not bring fics you haven’t read;
- do not bring fics you didn’t like;
- do not bring fics the authors of which show no grammar or spelling skill even if you liked them;
- do me a courtesy, please, do not leave only a link. I’d be really grateful if you tell me (besides the title and author) whether the fic is a WIP or completed, what the pairings and the rating are.

Special marks:

# - liked
## - loved
NR - have not read
new - added in the last month or so

Fics are re-sorted in alphabetical order by TITLE (excluding articles).

These are NOT my recs, this is just a source.

Jump to: Muggle / non-magic ARs

The Adventure of the Reluctant Time Traveller, by velyrhorde (locked)
Snape/?? (revealed in the end); NC-17, one-shot. Snape time-travels into the 19th century to meet a Muggle man from the past.

Aftermath by Josan ##
Snape/Ron; NC-17, novella. Snape quietly lives among Muggles until crippled Ron Weasley disrupts his routine.

All I Crave is a Normal Life by cazgirl NR
R. Harry/Snape. discontinued WIP. “Harry has run from the wizarding world to live as a Muggle. He will run back when he needs to escape the muggle world. Who will help him find himself?”

Among the Muggles Again, by snuggle the muggle NR
PG; novel-length. Author’s summary: “This story is set between the 6th and 7th years of Harry’s time at Hogwarts. The war is at full strength now and, hoping to turn the tide against Voldemort, Dumbledore has concocted a plan. OotP spoilers and some romance.” Dumbledore has Harry hiding alone in a muggle neighborhood while all his friends believe he is dead. He starts a relationship with a muggle girl, Cassie Robinson, who becomes the main character in a sequel story, Return to the Wizarding World (PG; completed).

And It’s Such a Crime How they Waste Their Time by alibi_factory
Harry/Draco; R, ficlet. Summary: “Voldemort won the war and promptly took away the magic of resistance members and Mudbloods.”

And So Life Goes On…, by Nenya Entwhistle (or here) #
Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco; R, novel-length. Summary: “Post-Hogwarts story. Five years after defeating Voldemort, Harry now lives believing he is a muggle. He has no knowledge that he was ever a wizard, ever the Boy Who Lived. What happens then when he realizes his life is a farce?”

And We Are At Our Apogee by angelgazing (or here) #
Harry/Draco; PG-13, one-shot. Author’s summary: “Harry doesn’t remember. Draco wanted revenge, but it didn’t work out that way. It’s really all about the cliché.” Draco and Harry escaped to the Muggle America.

Animus by Isolde13 (or here) #
Harry/Draco; R; novel-length. Cicumstances pushed Draco to work as a Muggle whore. Harry also avoids magic.

The Apple Tree, by Philo NR
Harry/Snape, NC-17, novel-length. Summary: “Harry returns for his seventh year determined to change the status quo. A long (but completed!) tale of romance, betrayal, initiative and derring do!” Draco is a Healer (not a Mediwizard; the differenceis explained in detail in the fic.) Harry lives as a Muggle for awhile.

Arcadia / Gloria by Abaddon (nothingbutfic) #
Harry/Draco, one-shot. PG. Author’s note: “I called the fic ‘arcadia’ because I liked the word, and the background behind it. arcadia was sort of the classical rural paradise, the place for honesty and good solid work and people moving lots of hay. Rather like Sussex, probably, but arcadia also comes from the phrase ‘et in arcadia ego’, which refers to the ideal that even in the rural paradise, there death is. For all his attempts to flee, Harry can’t escape that in his own little paradise.”

Arithmancy for Muggles by Flyingegg NR
Hermione/Snape, discontinued WIP, R. After submitting a report that the Ministry would rather ignore, Hermione is cast out of the Wizarding world.

The Art of Dog-Keeping, by dungeons_master #
Snape/Lupin, novella. Summary: “They say once you feed a stray dog, it always comes back for more. Severus Snape is going to find out just how true that is.”

The Art of Peace by Ueshiba NR
PG; Gen; Harry and Snape-centric; novel-length. Summary: “AU. Harry decides his friends in the Wizarding world will be safer without him, prompting him to leave it. Instead of the normalcy he craves, he finds something else, something he could never have foreseen.”

Balloon Theory, by 142978
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-length. Summary: After Harry finds Malfoy abandoned in the muggle world, his life takes a turn for the bizarre. Hogwarts is not what it used to be, his friendships are unstable at best, and there’s something strange about the way Malfoy has been acting…

Bare Edge of Survival, by Dragon Light #
Snape/Draco; NC-17; one-shot. Draco is in hiding, living as a Muggle.

Below the Belt, by anguis_1 #
Millicent Bulstrode/Dudley Dursley, R, ~6500 words. Summary: All Dudley wanted to do was deliver the letter and return to his perfectly normal, relatively pleasant existence. Luckily for him, fate and Millicent Bulstrode intervened. It’s Muggle among wizards rather than the opposite.

Betrayed by kateydidnt NR
Harry/OC; PG, novel-length. Summary: “Harry Potter is accused of murder in his fifth year and sent to Azkaban for life. Ten years later he is found innocent. But, feeling completely betrayed, he leaves the Wizarding world completely. He wants nothing more than to forget all ties he once had, but life has a way of tripping you up, and Harry will have to face the wizarding world once again.”

Black Gold by Pogrebin
Misc. pairings. OCs. R. ‘There is only oil, more precious than gold & certain types of information.’ It is 1942. While German tanks trundle over White Russia, Gerald Wilkes, traitor to England and adulterer, is about to be betrayed by his wife. A twisted historical chronicle of how Grindelwald lost the War, complete with Marxist Muggle-huggers, shifting tenses, corrupt Archbishops, 3 Acts and a guest appearance by Adolf Hitler.

Book of Shadows and its sequel Shadow Puppets by Lux (escapisms) #
Harry/Snape; R. At the end of the novella, Harry, fed up with all things Wizarding, chooses to work as an artist and sells his paitings in a Muggle gallery.

Bound in Leather, by ladydeathfaerie NR
Snape-centric, NC-17, novel-length. Summary: One Wizard leaves the Wizarding World behind to join in the world of Rock n Roll. Who is it and why? Leather, long hair, and groupies abound. Read on to discover more.

Brave New World by theatresm #
Snape/OFC; R (?), novel-length. Hogwarts from the point of view of a Muggle woman hired to teach Muggle Studies. Am putting it here ‘cos it shows Wizarding world from Muggle’s POV.

Brighter Morning by GreenGecko (darkirony) (or here) #
PG; Gen, novel-length. Harry wakes up in an unfamiliar house with an unfamiliar son. His son, Arthur, must overcome his Muggle background to help his father regain the life he lost track of fifteen years ago as well as cope with his own sudden introduction to the wizard world. Putting it here ‘cos it shows Wizarding world from Muggle’s POV.

Bring Out Your Dead by Dee (cupiscent)
Draco/Harry/Ginny. R. Author’s summary: “Finding peace isn’t as easy as ending the war.”

Bruise Pristine by Evil Herbivore
AU; Harry/Draco; abandoned WIP; R, x-over where Draco is Placebo’s lead singer Brian Molko. “Draco, an exhiled wizard but a muggle superstar. Harry, the hero of the wizarding world who failed to save it. Harry runs, Draco snogs and then someone rather unexpected turns up.”

Burning Day, by Ravenna C Tan NR
Harry/Draco, NC-17, ~14K. Warning(s):Bondage, spanking, corporal punishment, BDSM of various kinds. Summary: Changed by the long war and unhappy with his life, Harry starts a new one in Muggle London, but something is still missing. Unfulfilled, Harry looks for it in back alleys and back rooms, but it’s elusive.

Bywyd ar Mawrth (Life on Mars), by NQDonne
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novella. Summary: When former Death Eater informants start turning up dead, Auror Harry Potter must take star Daily Prophet reporter (and owner) Draco Malfoy into protective custody. (Harry and Draco go into hiding in Wales, where they can’t use any magic)

Cadence by John
Harry/Draco; R, one-shot. After the war, the world lost magic.

Cartography by Pogrebin (or here)
Padma/Hermione. PG-13. Post-war. “Ten years after the war and England’s ley lines are still snapping, and you can’t do magic unless you want to blast your fingers off.”

A Case of Similarity by Arsenic Jade
X-over with Buffy; Hermione/(Wini)Fred, Wesley/Draco, and a little Giles/Severus; NC-17. “Muggle experts are called in to help with a little post-Voldemort cleaning up.”

A Change Of Seasons by Piri Lupin-Snape NR
Harry/Draco; PG-13, novel-length (at least FFnet says it’s completed). Draco betrays his father and has to flee to the Muggle world. Harry and Sirius go with him. They go to the Muggle world sometime in chapters 11/12.

Circumstances Most Uncommon, by Sansa #
Snape/Harry; R, long one-shot. Summary: “Homeopathic healer, Severus Snape, lives an ordered life. That is, until a young man named Harry Potter comes to his shop looking for a cure for his visions.”

Clipped Wings by Theresa Ann Wymer (tekalynn) (or here) #
Harry/Snape; R (?), novella. After the war surviving wizards are scattered all over the Muggle world, submitted to Muggles.

Comfortably Numb by Becky (lost)
Harry/Snape; R; chaptered fic. Warning for drug use. Harry works as a Muggle prostitute.

Confessional, by nightfalltwen
R, one-shot. Summary: “The act of confession is to find absolution, to find forgiveness for sins. Harry forgives others, but yet can not forgive himself.” Harry is a Muggle priest.

Consanguinity Arc, by Jay Tryfanstone (or here) ##
Snape/Harry; R, completed. Summary for #3: “A few owls, some books, and rather a lot of cups of tea.” OC Muggles are pivotal to the plot.

A Conscious Choice, by Nenya Entwhistle
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novella. Snarry Games entry. Team: Postwar. Genre: Romance. Prompt: Missing in Action. Summary: Severus Snape is in pursuit of Harry Potter.

Cross My Name Out and Write In Yours, by zoetrope #
Harry/Draco; Harry/OMC, R, one-shot. One night in the early days of the war, Draco disappeared.

Currency, by Blythe & Circe ##
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-lenght. Summary: Harry wasn’t at school any more, nor was he fifteen. He was a successful merchant banker with a flat to die for and an owl who loved him. He wasn’t going to get into a pissing match with a stick-fiddler who’d always driven him mad. Written before DH. Harry lives among Muggles and works as an investment banker.

Dance in the Dark of Night by kaatje7 NR
Harry/Snape; R. AU. “Sev has many secrets, loving Harry is just one of them. Can Tolkien’s words, a Kin Bond Sword and the spirit of Alexian, help Harry defeat the Dark Lord and find true love? An 8th yr mission in Scotland.” Harry and Snape spend quite a couple of months in the Muggle world disguised as muggle tourists…

The Darkest Recesses of the Heart, by Auntie Mame #
Harry/Ron, NC-17, long novella. Summary: Harry disappears suddenly. Ron finds him hiding out in a small American town with a new set of friends and a new life and no memory of his old one.

Days Before by Rae (ravenchel)
Harry/Draco; PG. Draco and depressed Harry live together in the Muggle world after the War.

The Depths of Winter by Cosmic #
Harry/Draco; R, novel-length. Harry ran away from the Wizarding world and is now a famous Muggle writer, also he study in a Muggle university. Draco also ran to hide from those who want to kill him for his betrayal of the Death Eaters. He has a road accident that leaves him paralyzed. Harry takes care of him.

Desperation and it’s prequel, by ms_semicolon (or here)
Harry/Draco, background Ron/Hermione and Sirius/Remus; NC-17, WIP. Warnings: consensual dominance/submission, power games, mild watersports, kink and other potential squickdom.

A Different Tune, by Novembersnow #
Ron/Draco, other pairings mentioned, slash and het; R, ~8,100 words. Warning: References to character deaths. Summary: “It was one of the last things Ron had expected to hear, right up there with kindergarten teacher and rentboy.” Draco lives among Muggles.

Dormiens, by Ravenna C Tan #
Harry/Draco, Draco/Snape; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Post-war. Harry has defeated Voldemort, but has paid a heavy price. Draco Malfoy still has dues to pay.”

Down From The Garden by Eledhwen
Harry/Snape; NC-17. After Voldemort is defeated, the Ministry decides that a group of wizards and witches (who helped defeat Voldemort but are later considered “dangerous”) must either work for the Ministry, teach at Hogwarts under supervision, or hand in their wands and leave the wizarding world. Harry, Hermione, Ron, the Weasleys, and others choose to live in the Muggle world.

Draco, the Magic Dragon, by Sansa #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novella. Summary: Come to the fair! Draco’s granting wishes, Harry’s investigating a mystery, and Luna’s giving away pants. Crystal balls and kissing, dirty talk and candy floss – and that’s just the beginning.

The Dreaming Spires, by DementorDelta (or here) ##
Snape/Harry; R; novella. Summary: “Severus Snape gets on with his life after Voldemort’s defeat.” Snape is a Muggle chemistry professor.

Eclipse, by Koanju (verstehen) and Saeva NR
Harry/Sirius, Harry/Sirius/Remus; NC-17, AU. Summary: “Alternate Universe. Harry decides that the price of going to Hogwarts isn’t worth going there. And then, when he’s thirteen, his godfather appears. Written pre-OOTP. SLASH. CHILD ABUSE. IMPLIED INCEST. M/s. S&M. BONDAGE. Unedited at the moment.” Harry and Sirius live in the Muggle world for the best part of the fic, even though they do use magic.

The Emit Remmus series by Laeb
Harry/Draco; PG-13/R. The ‘living the Muggle way’ only really begins in Coffee is Like a Mate You Long to Meet Again (the third in the series), but the background story is important as well, and the following stories (three of them should be out soon) are all happening in the Muggle world. Basically, once Harry’s back from his 5 year-exile in Muggle London, he decides that the Wizarding world is not for him and returns to Muggle London, where he lives a low-profile life, until friends of old go after him.

En Las Montaas, by Furor_scribiend
Harry/Lucius; R; novel-length. Notes: “Inspired by a Beloved Enemies Fuh-Q-Fest challenge. Challenge in question? # 168 - During the fight with Voldemort, Harry and Lucius hit each other with spells which backfire on them and the Apparate to (you can select any country - not the UK or the US - so they wont be able to speak with others). None of them want to use (their) magic because either the Dark Lord or Aurors will appear, so one of them will be killed for sure. And for awhile, they decide to co-exist in peace.” Harry and Lucius live with a family of Spanish Muggle farmers, working for them.
Sequel: Come the Malstrom (the same link)

Evitar by by Sofie K Werkers
Harry/Draco. PG. Draco goes after Harry who has exiled himself in Cuba.

Everything was Perfect… by Lani NR
Harry/Draco; NC-17, novel-length. Summary: “Sequel to Summer Rain. With the horrors of their past firmly behind them, Harry and Draco have established themselves with a new life in Australia. Just when they thought they had their ‘happily ever after’, something happens to Draco that will test the strength of their relationship and push their love to the boundaries.”

Fade to Silver, by Furiosity #
Harry/Draco, R, novella. Summary: Four years ago, Draco Malfoy disappeared from the wizarding world. This is the story of what happened after that.

A Fair Cop, by oceaxe
Harry/Draco, R, short. Summary: Harry Potter walks into a cafe for some coffee, and instead gets the surprise of his life. Plus some coffee. EWE.

The Fall of the World’s Own Optimist, by MizBean (or here)
Harry/Draco; Draco/OFC, PG, one-shot. Summary: In which mizBean riffs on the Rolling Stones, commits fandom suicide by inventing an Original Female Character and tries to imagine what would really happen if Draco Malfoy was forced to live as a Muggle.

Fallen, by Jade
Snape/Harry; NC-17, novella. (Link to the main page. Jade’s Harry fiction is password-protected. To get the password, join JadeFics y!group. They are also stored in her f-locked journal at ) Harry ran away and works as a Muggle prostitute.

Fallen Star, co-authored by Slashpervert and Aveeno-baby NR
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-length. Warnings: in the fic post. Summary: Sequel to Shooting Star. Harry and Draco have fled to San Francisco to live as Muggles, Harlan and David. Can they really make lives together and without magic, even after everything that has happened to them?

A Family Affair, by kishijoten #
Gennish Draco/Hermione; R, novel-length. Summary: “Just after his sixteenth birthday, Draco Malfoy learns of a horrifying plot against his life, forcing him to take on a new identity and adopt a new way of life. Years later, Malfoy learns that time has not stood still back home, and he finds himself dragged once again into the intrigue and danger that always surround anyone named ‘Malfoy’.” Draco is sent to live in Muggle America.

Feeling Needy by Kurla
Harry/Draco; R. Harry is in self-imposed exile, and Draco is forced to live like a Muggle ‘until the furore died down’.

Finding Him by Occasus NR
Snape/Harry; R. “After the final battle, Harry was turned away by his beloved. He begged to be obliviated, and Dumbledore obliged. But Severus Snape does not give up that easily. He follows Harry on his holiday to France.” Harry is living as a Muggle, owning a bookshop and studying at a university.

The fine line between then and now, by dragon_charmer / Frances Potter
Harry/Draco, PG-13, ~14K. Warning(s): Character death/disappearance; mpreg; confusing time travel scenario, MPreg. Summary: What if everything changed and you didn’t know how to make it right again?

Fine Lines and its sequels, by Shadowphoenix
Harry/Snape. PG-13, novel-length. Harry lost his memory and lives in Muggle America, studying in college in the US. Snape is sent after him.

The Fire Escape, by Rinsbane # (locked)
Snape/Harry, NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Post-war. On summer nights, Snape sits on his fire escape and watches the pageant across the street. Featuring cross-dressing Harry.”

Firebrand, by Dee (cupiscent) (or here) #
Gen; features Harry, Draco, Ginny, plus a small Slytherin support choir; R. Summary: “Ginny dies. Harry delivers her mail.” Post-war. Wizards are mingled with Muggles. To say more will be a spoiler. Read to find out.

Flight by Sushi #
Harry/Snape; R. “The wizarding world has only one concern: survival.” Fifteen years ago wizards revealed themselves to the Muggle world. The consequences are dire.

Fool (if you think it’s over) by Enahma
Gen; PG. “Written for the HP_SS_Gen_Fest challenge 36: An emotionally damaged Harry flees to the Muggle world after years of fighting. The war is not over though so someone needs to bring him back. The only person available is Snape, who could care less about the mental well-being of his former student. Will this change though when he sees what the expectations of the wizarding world has done to the young wizard?”

The Forever Dreams, by coeur_de_ma_vie
Harry/Snape; R, WIP. Summary: “Mistakes. Love. Betrayal. Destiny. Two souls. Two lifetimes. They were meant to be together. Now they get a second chance.”

The Forgotten, by Batsutousai
Harry/Voldemort; R; WIP (on hiatus). Summary: “What if Voldemort wins the “Final Battle,” but Harry Potter survives? Living in the Muggle world with no memory of his past, can Harry find the key to saving them all (OOC, OCs).”

Found Wanting, by Anise #
Harry/Sirius; NC-17. No summary given, and I’m not giving one because I won’t be able to avoid spoilers.

Ghosts, by Azrael (azraelgeffen) (you’ll have to register)
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Harry and Draco have to live like Muggles for 2 days to fulfill a Muggle studies requirement. Complete with Tupperware, Walkman, bicycle pump, greatest hits CDs, and a sex-crazed haunted house.

Gone Down The Angel On A Lonely Night, by Femme #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, two chapters. Summary: “Eight years after the end of the war, Harry stumbles upon Draco in an unexpected place: Islington.” Draco earns his living a Muggle prostitute after Wizengamot broke his wand. Harry works as a Muggle cop.

Graphic Design, by ArsenicJade
Ginny/OMC, PG, short. Challenge: “any character, job they’d have if they had to live in the Muggle world for a year.” Ginny lives in a Muggle world and gets a job as a graphic designer.

Gratia Plena, by Femme ##
Harry/Snape; R. Harry’s Muggle friend Nigel Finch-Fletchley, Justin’s brother, helps Snape and Harry establish a relationship.

Half of a Heart’s Desire: Entre Deux Guerres, by An Acolyte NR
Gen, discontinued WIP. Summary: “AU. James Potter did not die on Halloween. Now, with Sirius and Remus, he must raise Harry in seclusion. But when three men in the habit of being conspicuous try to live as Muggles, can the boundaries between the two worlds long survive?”

Harry Potter and the End of a New Life, by Mione5 NR
G; chaptered fic. Summary: “Harry left the wizarding world halfway through his seventh year. Hiding in the muggle world for almost eighteen years he is suddenly dragged back as his children are sent their Hogwarts letters. Why did he leave? And does he really what to go back?”

Harry Potter and the War with The Minister, by Mione5 NR
Snape/Harry, PG; chaptered novella. Summary: “Sequel to No more than he deserves. Harry and Severus have left the wizarding world behind and are trying to live the life they’ve always wanted but will the wizarding world allow them that chance.”

A Hero All The Same, by kayladie
Harry/Draco, NC-17, ~13500 words. Summary: Draco Malfoy has hit rock bottom. What will it take to help him fight his way back to the top? Perhaps a certain Boy Who Lived who is in even worse shape than he is… Only canon compliant through OoTP.

Hidden Beneath, by Adah NR
Gen, PG-13, novel-length. Harry has disappeared and is now hiding in the Muggle world under another name. Summary: “After one very eventful night ten years ago, Voldemort was destroyed and Harry disappeared. Where did he go? What happened that night? Only one man knows the answer: a teacher named James. And as the tenth anniversary of Voldemort’s downfall draws near, Ron and Hermione are thinking more and more about their friend.”

Homecoming, by Sammymc NR
(if the link appears not working, go to the main page and follow links from there or join the author’s y!group)
Harry/Snape; long. Harry returns to Hogwarts to teach, but it alludes to the prior 8 years that he spent in the Muggle world and also the reason for it.

In Clothes a Wantonness, by McKay (scribbulus_ink) #
Snape/Lupin, past Lupin/Tonks mentioned, NC-17, 2 chapters. Warnings: cross-dressing and lots of it. Summary: When the Ministry refuse to believe he acted as a spy during the war, Remus Lupin is forced into hiding, choosing to spend his exile performing in a Muggle drag club while he searches for the one person who can provide evidence of his innocence: Severus Snape.

In Plain Sight, by Taradiane #
Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, mentions of previous Harry/Ginny, NC-17, ~18K words. Summary: Pansy comes to Auror Potter’s office with a special favour to ask…

In Solemn Stillness Lay, by odogoddess #
Snape/Hermione; R, 14K. Summary: On vacation, seven years after the war, a depressed and discontented Hermione discovers the successful, but strangely crippled Muggle business entrepreneur, Evan Prince, is none other than the presumed-dead war hero, Severus Snape. Can each possibly help heal the other?

Inferno, by Ociwen ##
Hermione/Lucius; NC-17, novella. Post-war. Hermione and Lucius are living outside the Wizarding world. Lucius has lost his magical powers entirely.

Infinite Shades of Grey, by ShivaniBlue (grazhir) (or here)
Harry/Draco; R. Novel-length. Summary: “[Post-Voldemort] Harry disappears from the wizarding world and starts a new life known only to a chosen few.”

The Inner-Workings of Coincidence, by Marks (or here) #
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Summary: Harry leaves the wizarding world, following the forced exodus of the Death Eaters’ children. Then, five years passes.

The Interview, by Florahart #
Snape/Hermione; R, ~10K words. A/N: Written for Beth H’s Snape-a-rama Instant-AU Challenge. Prompt by karasu_hime: Talk show host Hermione must interview Children’s Author Snape.

Interview with the Hero, by Scoradh ##
Harry/Draco, Draco/Blaise, Draco/OCs, R, novel-length. Summary: At the age of twenty-five, Draco is confronted with the past he’d rather not remember and the questions that still need answering. Still, a little Slytherin guile goes a long way. The only problem is that he might discover more than he bargained on about the people he thought he knew.

A jug of wine, and thou beside me in the wilderness, by marginaliana
Snape/Lupin, PG-13, shortish. Summary: AU after the first war - Severus escapes to France and the Muggle world, but he finds there are some things you can never leave behind. Warnings: violent imagery.

Just This? by blue (requires password)
Harry/Draco; NC-17; novel-length. Harry who now is a famous Muggle writer buys a Muggle prostitute Draco for two months.

Lachrymose, by Armand Malfoy #
Harry/Snape; R. “Harry is an Auror sent to find an old enemy. He’s in for more than he suspected when he realises that some things don’t go down well with two thousand cups of coffee a day.” Snape lives as a Muggle. Sequels: Gloaming (R) and Schadenfreude (WIP (on hiatus); R)

The Last Exile of Lord Voldemort, by kylegirl #
Gen; G. Quote: “I don’t write fanfiction. And if I did, it wouldn’t be Harry Potter fanfiction. And if it were, it certainly wouldn’t be a long weird thing about Voldemort losing his powers and eventually ending up driving an old Volvo and painting houses in western Massachusetts.”

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, by Florahart #
Ron/Draco; NC-17. Auror Ron works as Malfoy’s bodyguard; they live in Muggle appartment, and Draco has to learn how to do many things Muggle way.

Laundry Days, by 142978
Harry/Draco; PG. A domestic fic where Harry insists that Draco do laundry Muggle-style and Draco fucks it up every time. I’m taking it as an exception because ‘living like a Muggle, doing things Muggle way’ is essential there, kind of didactic in this fic.

Leave Your Field to Flower, by Emma Grant #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, 12800 words. Summary: Draco Malfoy is like all the other Survivors of the disaster — except for one called Harry Potter.

Left My Heart, by Emma Grant (or here) ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Draco ran away and lives in Muggle America, working as a waiter in a Muggle cafe. Harry is sent for him.
Sequel: Surrender the Grey (link above).

Let the Music Take You, by Lyon’s Own NR
Harry/Draco,discontinued WIP, R. Draco Malfoy runs away from the magical world to pursue a career in music. He is reunited with former classmates who have been searching for him. Contains OCs.

The Liar and the Auror: Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, by Trismegistus (lebateleur)
Harry/Snape; PG-13. Having been ostracized the Wizarding world, Snape moves to Muggle America where magic is suppressed. Harry finds him there.

Life Left Behind, by Kiara7 NR
Harry/Draco; PG-13, chaptered fic. Summary: “Draco and Harry break up right before graduation. After Hogwarts, Draco disappears for reasons unknown and is found ten years later living in New York City as a Muggle with an eight year old daughter.”

Like a Circle in a Spiral, by Sullacat
Snape/Harry, PG-13, ~10K words. Summary: “Maybe it was naïve to think that all he had to do was kill one wizard, and the rest would fall into place. That’s what they told him to do, what he trained for. Go Harry, go kill the bad man and things will be better. They lied.” Warnings: mention of character death. Harry lives as a Muggle.

Like Muggles Do…Sort of, by Lightgoddess NR
Harry/Snape; R, one-shot. Summary: “TSS Contest #4 Harry/Severus Challenge #1: Post Hogwarts. Harry must take Severus into his apartment in the Muggle world for safety after Voldemort’s death. Various DE’s are still after Harry so he has chosen to move into the Muggle world for safety right now. Against Severus’ better judgment, Albus sends him to Harry for safekeeping. They have no contact with the Wizarding world, and can use no magic.”

Like Them, by Lunalelle
Hermione/Voldemort; PG-13; chaptered fic. Summary: “The last battle with a twist - “Harry pointed his wand down at the Dark Lord.” Voldemort is stripped of his magic.

A Little Change, by Lord Localfreak
Gen, Tom Riddle-centric, short. Summary: Summary: Another ‘What If…?’ similar to Pathways. They say it is our choices that make us who we are, but what of those events where the choice is made for us by accident or fate? Deadly Sin: Pride.

The Lodger by Mad Martha ##
Harry/Draco; PG-13, novella. Summary: “Years after Voldemort’s death and the end of the war, a lonely and alienated Harry Potter decides to take in a lodger. The result isn’t quite what he anticipated. He has more in common with his new housemate than he expected, and together they learn to look life – and the wizarding world - in the face again.” Harry volunteers for work in a Muggle refuge for children.

Long Forgotten Fairytale, by Oceaxe
Harry/Draco, NC-17, one-shot. Summary: Despite his work for the Order of the Phoenix, Draco Malfoy is exiled to the Muggle world. When he meets a man named Harry Black at the gym, he feels as though he’s met him before. But where? And when?

The Love God, by Mac (ausmac) #
Snape/Harry; R, WIP (on hiatus). Summary: “After the ‘final conflict’ Snape finds himself financially in difficulty, and fate leads him to the strange and dangerous world of late night radio….”

Lust Over Pendle and Dissipation and Despair, by AJ Hall (whole story arc can be found here) ##
Draco/Neville; R; post-Hogwarts. Summary: “A comedy of manners, in the Golden Age detective thriller genre, set in the year immediately after Voldemort’s fall. Lust Over Pendle begins when a Daily Prophet paparazzo manages to take a sneak photograph on the beach at an exclusive Indian Ocean hideaway resort, and the families of both Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy find themselves Very Startled Indeed.” Draco and Neville are essentially in the Muggle world and interacting with Muggles constantly.

Malfoy, P.I. by Nancy Malfoy NR
Harry/Draco; R; discontinued WIP. AU set in L.A with Draco as a P.I. Harry is the prime suspect in a murder case, and all the evidence points to him. He employs Draco to find out the truth but the more Draco digs into Harry’s past the more complicated things become. Gradually the Wizarding world comes into play and recollections resurface.

The Man who was the Boy, by Bleudiablo NR
Harry/Snape, Harry/OFC, chaptered fic. The wizarding world believes Harry is dead. Instead he is blinded and mute due to injuries and married his muggle nurse. Years later Harry’s daughter goes to Hogwarts with no knowledge of that her father is Harry Potter.

The March Potion, by Frayach
Harry/Draco, PG-13, short. Warning: This is bleak. Not dark, but bleak. Summary: They say time heals all wounds. They are liars.

Memoria Secludo, by drachenmina #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novella. Summary: Severus Snape survived Nagini’s bite, but as punishment for his crimes, he has had his memories excised and has been exiled from the wizarding world. Harry can’t resist the opportunity to get to know Snape without their past getting in the way. But what will happen if Snape regains his memories?

Methods of Suicide, by Jedirita #
Snape/Lupin, PG, short. Request: “A post-final-battle fic with plenty of H/C and angst (Lupin as the comforter). Snape has little reason left to live accompanied by mental/emotional/physical infirmities, and now the holiday season and everyone else getting on with their lives is making it worse. Lupin is one of few who notices.” Snape’s lost his magic.

Missing, by Tubesox NR
Harry/Snape; NC-17. “Voldemort has discovered a traitor, and revenge is sweet and… ironic. After the war, Harry abandons the wizarding world for the Muggle, and Severus attempts the same with Harry’s aid, but the past must still be dealt with in order to move on.” (summary by Ntamara)

Moment in Time, by The ShadowBandit
Harry/Draco; R; MPreg, novel-length. Harry escapes from a wrongful imprisonment in Azkaban, and he winds up living like a Muggle for a while to hide. Harry is a songwriter in New York, when he lives as a Muggle.

Momenti Diversi, by zarah5 (link to ch.5; previous parts are linked from there) #
Harry/Draco; NC-17, chaptered fic. In which you’ll find the Italian sun, some sexual tension, a reluctant Harry and a persuasive Draco. (Post-Hogwarts, aftermath of war.) // Harry doesn’t live *as* a Muggle, he just lives and works amongst them.

A More Familiar Stranger, by Poetic Licence (a_teastain)
Harry/Draco; R. Summary: Eight years have passed since Harry’s defeat of Voldemort in their last year and is still in hiding from the Wizarding World after Ron’s death. Hermione has tried to put her life back together, but still hopes to see him again. Then, one day, she brushes past a familiar stranger on the street and she finds herself dealing with a past that she thought she had buried. Welcome to the aftermath of that meeting.

Mr Mysterio and Henry, by Girl_Tarte #
Gennish, G, short. Warning: OC muggle pov.

Muggle Sex 101, by H. Potter and S. Snape, by Maeglin Yedi (or here)
Snape/Harry; NC-17, humour, one-shot. Summary: Harry and Snape try having realistic sex.

Nettle Soup and Gooseberries, by Jay Tryfanstone (link to the warning page; or here) ##
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novella. Summary: “An old-fashioned romance, this tale concerns the trials and tribulations of the star-crossed lovers Master Harry Potter and Professor Severus Snape, being a tale of some ingenuity and divers complication.”

Never Go Back, by athena_arena NR
PG-13; long one-shot. Summary: “Five years after the end of Hogwarts, our friends live in completely different worlds, everything torn and tattered. But as they decipher the incidents that drove them to the poles, will the horrors of reality - and their absent companion - still pledge to keep them apart?”

No Place Like, by Tara Tory ##
Harry/Snape; R. As a result of a magic accident, Snape, Harry, Ron and Hermione are transported to America - to Kansas where magic is suppressed.

Number Theory (Numerical), by Lydia Lovestruck #
Primary pairing Snape/Remus, also Snape/OMC, Remus/OMC; NC-17. Multiple kink warning. Remus lives for 10+ years as a muggle in London; he even changes his name to ‘John Peters’. It’s an episodic fic, so only parts qualify. Summary: “The sexual history of Remus John Lupin, Lycanthrope, in 31 episodes in chronological order.” Written for the Lusty Month of May challenge at pervy_werewolf. See also Number Theory (Chronological) to read the story in date order.

On A Clear Day, by Stellahobbit #
Snape/Harry; R, one-shot. Summary: “It’s not really the end of the world, more like a pause between breaths.” Written for Snarry Games, Team Angst. Magic is lost after Harry’s victory.

On the Naming of Names, by Jay Tryfanstone #
Harry/Snape; PG; short. Summary: “Snape, on a bridge, in Prague. Predates HBP.” Snape lives as a Muggle.

On Wednesday, by Jay Tryfanstone (or here) ##
Harry/Snape; PG-13; short. Summary: “Postwar. Food, owls and taxes. There might be a plot in there somewhere.” Harry lives as a Muggle clerk, not remembering his former life.

Once Upon a Time, by Darklady
Harry/Snape; PG; Mpreg. Harry and Snape are living Muggle lives while the Wizarding World, both Light and Dark, is busy concocting a la Daily Prophet the most fanciful stories about how they are living.

An Ordinary World, by Zillah (visionshadows) ##
Snape/Remus; light R or PG-13. Lupin helps Snape adjust to living in the Muggle world when the Wizarding world has disintegrated.

Origins of Myth, by Arsenic Jade ##
Ron/Draco; R, novella. Stripped of magic, Draco spends four years in China selling himself for little money in the street. For sequels check the main page.

Oscillate Wildly, by Marks (R-rated version at the Fiction Alley) ##
Harry/Draco; R; AU, novel-length. After a demanding Occlumency session, Harry wakes up in a Muggle mental institution, where he learns he’s been in a coma for 6 years and that Hogwarts and the magical world are simply an elaborate delusion, or so he’s told. As Harry drifts between the two worlds, he must figure out which is fact and which is fantasy.

Overhead, Underfoot, by Evil Brooke
At Harry/Snape Fuh-Q Fest at, Wave 1. For password join the kardasi-security y!group
Harry/Snape; implied Harry/Draco; NC-17. After Voldemort was defeated and too many people died, surviving Harry and Draco live among Muggles, until a ghost from the past comes to call them back.

Peripheral Vision, by Alexandra Dane (or here) #
Snape/Harry, past Harry/Lucius; PG-13, novella. Summary: “As Severus had so often reminded him, the simple fact of both being unattached gay wizards who through no fault of their own happened to be sharing a very small living space and developing a kind of mutual dependency did not automatically make them either compatible or attractive to one another.” After the defeat of Voldemort, there’s no magic in the world.

A Place to Be, by hesychasm
Harry/Neville; R, long one-shot. Summary: “Post-war. Harry takes care of the world, and Neville takes care of Harry.”

Plantagenet, by HiBob NR
PG-13; Complete. “Harry found the boy by falling on him. He remembers the blood. Professor McGonagall recognized the boy, even with Harry next to him. His presence would change the future more than anyone could imagine. A completed story.” The boy in question is Harry from an Alternate Universe. There is travel between the two worlds and the story takes place in both. Wizards are forced to leave their wands behind every time they cross between worlds; all the wizards and witches that move to the alternate world forswear magic when they do so.

The Potter Files, by NQDonne #
Harry/Draco, Harry/Teddy Lupin (really minor, almost not at all), Harry/Zacharias Smith (minor); NC-17, 33K words, AU. Summary: Private investigator, wizard, thorn in many people’s sides. Harry Potter’s a jack of all trades. Warnings: plucky first person narrative, non-major (aka: minor OC) character death, accidental bottom!Harry :P Kinks include first-time, rough sex, dirty talk, rimming, wall sex and shower sex.

The Price Is Right, by Perfica
Snape/Harry, PG, ficlet, humour. Summary: What was the obsession with infant vegetables?..

Price of Magic, by Ac1d6urn and Sinick ##
Snape/Harry; G to R; novel-length. Summary: “Haunted by ghost of a former student, an ex-wizard struggles to preserve magical knowledge for future generations.”

Primary Care, by The Senjou (or here) #
Snape/Remus, Harry/Draco, M+, novel-length. Summary: “Tensions at Hogwarts result in a bizarre accident endangering Harry Potter and disrupting the life of Severus Snape and a certain werewolf.” Remus has left the wizarding world and is living as a muggle, and Severus, Harry, and Draco join him.

Quantum Leap, by Scoradh (on the BB site, in one file with art; or on LJ, chaptered) #
Harry/Draco, R, novel-length. Summary: In a multiverse of endless possibilities, everything we imagine exists somewhere. The bad choices we didn’t make, the good choices we should have made and, most of all, the choices we wish we’d made. This is a story about the choices that change the world.

Raspberry Twist, by Lord Localfreak
Harry/Tom Riddle (Harry/Voldemort); R, ficlet. Summary: A disturbing short ficlet that came to me in a dream. It begins with waiting in a Dole queue…

Reaching for Rainbows, by Missfortune NR
Threesome; Harry/Draco/Ron; MPreg; NC-17. Harry lost his magic in the Final Battle and now has nothing to do with the Magical world. He works in a Muggle travel agency. “A magical bond has formed between Ron and Draco as a result of the final battle with Voldemort. Harry then finds himself as the third partner in their strange threesome where tensions strain and feelings grow in strange ways.”

Recapturing the Past, by Mione5 NR
PG; 4-chapter fic. Summary: “Almost two years ago Harry finally destroyed the Dark Lord at great personal cost. So just who is this Jason McKnight and what does he have to do with Harry Potter?”

Recognition, by Pogrebin
Gilderoy/Dudley. R. Lockhart finds himself teaching Latin at Smeltings with his memory wiped.

Reflections, by John
Harry/Draco; R. Post-war. Harry and Hermione lost their magic, Draco was stripped of his.

The Retreat, by HPRoundRobin NR
R; Harry/Snape. Harry lives in small village, after Snape’s rejection. Dumbledore sends Snape on a vacation in the same village.

The Return, by S.L NR
PG; Gen (?). Abandoned WIP. Harry Potter has been hiding from the wizarding world for seven years, he’s married, happy, and he never intendes to return again… until Voldermort decides to makes a comeback. This is told mainly from Hannah, his wife’s POV.

Roundabout, by arakne (you’ll have to register) NR
Draco/Hermione; NC-17, one-shot. The story starts with Hermione at a muggle music festival; involves Hermione helping Draco with Muggle studies and showing him around Muggle England.

Runaway Dragon, by Silverfox1
PG; Gen; very long; warning for OOC. Draco ran away from home and has to stay with Snapes who live in the poorest part of Hogsmead. He communicates with the local children who can’t do magic because part of them are squibs and the other part isn’t permitted to do magic in summer; there are lots of Muggle things around, kids play Muggle games and so on. Anyway, the fic shows how to live in unusual, sometimes Miggle-like ways.

Saison d’Etre, by Cedar #
Harry/Draco; R. Summary: “At the end of the war, Harry packed his possessions and boarded a plane to New York, determined to forget his wizarding legacy. Eight years later, he encounters Draco Malfoy, who refuses to let Harry forget who he is.” There’s a sequel ficlet, Riding a Hole in the Ground.

Sanctum Sanctorum: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], by Witling #
Snape/Harry, mild R, ~30K words. A/Warnings: Long. Rambling. Author doesn’t know much about the Harry-verse. Errors may abound.

Save One Thing, by magicicada #
Harry/Dudley; PG-13, novella. It would take something stronger than magic to make Dudley Dursley a hero.

Say Hello Before You Say Goodbye, by Oxoniensis
NC-17. Post-war, the world where magic was destroyed. Draco is a prostitute.

Second Chances, by gfeather (or on LJ, loked) NR
Draco/Hermione, R, novella. Summary: When a mysterious letter arrives with a plea for help, Hermione finds herself taking chances for the last person she would have ever expected.

Secrecy, by Jinx
For password join the kardasi-security y!group
Harry/Snape; R/NC-17. Summary: “This is six years after Voldemort has been defeated, and Harry has gradated from Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione have left the Wizarding world and made a new life for themselves in the muggle world. They have become famous and have hidden the fact, now fate has seen fit to reunite them back to their past.” The Trio work as a Muggle band.

The Secret Language of Cats, by Thistlerose #
Gen; PG. Summary: “Wandering, six-year-old Remus discovers, is in his blood.” Set in the Midnight Conversations universe, though it can be read independently. Remus’ great-grandmother is a Muggle. He learns her story when he visits her.

Seven Days in June, by Fourth Rose (or here) #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, long. Summary: The war is over. The dust has settled; the survivors are moving on. The hero is finally allowed to go on leave. Draco is a licensed tour guide in Vienna. He is kinda “hiding as a Muggle,” but not really.

Seven Preposterous Things, by Bloodcult of Freud #
Snape/Hermione, Draco/Millicent; NC-17, WIP. Summary: “Dark Comedy and Angst. Graphic Sex, Character Death, Pimples, Gore and Unflattering Characterizations. Half-Blood Prince Compliant.” In later chapters, both couples have to live as Muggles.

Severus and the Crup, by Josan ##
Snape/Harry; NC-17. After the war, the magic is lost in the Wizarding world. Snape lives in exile and finds a half-dead Crup.

A Slytherin Aid, by shadowsylvia NR
PG; Gen, abandoned WIP. Four years after the Final Battle, Snape finds out that he has a son. Liam, a young man with scars from the Final Battle, finds out that his biological father is alive. How will Liam cope? (Liam has been living in the Muggle world after the final battle, and yes, Liam is Harry.)

Snake Charmer, by WitchofSoul
Draco/Hermione or Gen with this characters, not clear yet; R; abandoned WIP. For Muggle Studies, Draco must live with a Muggle family: Hermione’s.

Snape: The Home Fries Nazi, by Pir8fancier (or here) ##
Snape/Harry; NC-17, novella. Summary: When Harry defeats Voldemort, the Death Eaters lose their magic. Snape decamps to the United States, where he becomes a fry cook in a diner. Seven years after Voldemort’s defeat, Harry comes to him for advice.

Snitch! by Alex NR
Harry/Draco; R; discontinued WIP; post-Hogwarts. Harry and Draco are gangsters in the Muggle world being investigated by the Ministry of Magic.

Snow, by The Hysterical Hystorian (abigail89)
Sirius/Harry; hard R. Sirius & Harry in Muggle Scotland; Harry works in a pub, Sirius in an animal hospital.

Something Muggle, by Zahra
Draco/Hermione; G. Draco spends a day tagging along with Hermione for Muggle Studies class.

Spherical Movement, by Libertine (luciusmalfoy) (scroll down to find the fic) #
Implied Harry/Ginny; Harry/Draco; R. Malfoy lives in the Muggle world.

Stranger Things Have Happened, by Alexa Johnson NR
Hermione/Draco, PG-15, 2 parts. Summary: When Hermione has no choice but to help Draco Malfoy five years after the War, she is determined to make him suffer for exploiting her compassion. Yet things don’t quite turn out the way either of them intended…

Substance of Hope, by Femme
Snape/Draco, R, one-shot.

Suburban Dream, by Caesia390 #
Harry/Snape. PG or R. After the war, the world changed.

Taking life in your own hands, by Star Polaris NR
Genish (?), PG, 3-chapter fic. Summary: “Harry gets an O on his potions OWLs. Snape doesn’t want him into his class nevertheless. Harry shrugs and decides not to fight. Snape gets suspicious.” Harry, Snape and McGonagall escape from the Wizarding World and masquerade as a muggle family.

A Taste of Liberty, by Lamardeuse #
Harry/Snape, NC-17. QaF x-over. Harry runs to Muggle America for a week. Snape follows.

Teacher, Teacher, by Moaning Myrtle (you’ll have to register)NR
Hermione/Snape, NC-17, novel-length. Snape is sent to live in the Muggle world with Hermione for a summer.

Tequila Shots, by Femme #
Snape/Hermione (background Draco slash), NC-17, short. Summary: “Alcohol can be a powerful potion in its own right.” Severus and Draco own a Muggle club.

That’s All, by Mila
PG; AU, one-shot. Summary: “As a squib, Harry Potter grew up with no contact with the wizarding world. As a janitor, he knows nothing of the battle raging so close, yet so far away, until he receives a mysterious visitor in the middle of the night.”

That Place In The Dark, by DementorDelta #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, 15800 words. Genre(s): Romance, Hurt/Comfort. Prompt(s): Silver. Summary: EWE. Severus Snape has survived the war and the Dark Lord, but he may not survive Harry Potter.

That Way Lies Camelot, by Scoradh and Cynical Pirate ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17, novel-length. Part of Big Bang Harry. Summary: “The road to victory is forced to take a few detours, as Harry stumbles across all manner of unexpected things. Not least of these is one Draco Malfoy, on the run from the Death Eaters but not walking the walk of the side of light either. However, the most unexpected thing of all is Harry himself … that, and the teapots.”

Their Kind of Forever, by Furiosity #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, long. Summary: The final part of Harry’s Auror training forces him to walk the line between truth and lie, between the wizarding world and the Muggle world, between the life he thought he’d have and the disappointing reality. And through it all, he finds unexpected solace in a most unlikely person’s company. Warnings: Minor character death.

The Things We Do For Malfoys, by Jean (jeannie81)
Harry/Draco; PG, one-shot. Summary: “Harry falls in love with Malfoy. Too bad Malfoy’s only interested in muggles. How did that happen?”

Though the night yield no glimmer, by Scoradh #
Draco/Goyle; R. Draco and Goyle live among Muggles and work as dishwashers and later, waiters.

A Thousand Beautiful Things, by Duinn Fionn (Geoviki) ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Summary: “Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.” Sequel: Delicate Sound of Thunder.

to go wherever dreaming goes: part 1, part 2, part 3, by Abaddon (nothingbutfic) ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Summary: “There is also love in the world.”

Tourniquet, by yih NR
Harry/Snape; R, one-shot. “Harry’s magic is dead. His body is broken, but he has never been happier. He loves his job and he’s with the man he loves. Why can’t Severus see that everything’s perfect the way they are? 5 years post Final Battle in muggle London.”

Transfigurations, by Resonant ##
Harry/Draco; NC-17. Draco can’t use his magic and it causes him a lot of trouble. Putting it here ‘cos it shows how to cope with the absence of magic.

Transformation, by Arsenic Jade #
Remus/Kingsley Shacklebolt; PG-13. Summary: “Remus is still in a cycle of starting over. Kingsley’s been pining for quite some time.” After the war Remus tries to find his place in the Muggle world.

The Twelfth Night : A Faerie Tale, by I Got Tired Of Waiting
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novella. Summary: He lives in solitude, stripped of the life he once knew, until one Christmas a new life comes to him, changing him forever.

Twelve Steps, by Lisitsa
Harry/Draco, some Draco/Snape; R; chaptered fic. Summary: “After Voldemort has been defeated, both Draco and Harry seem to have lost everything. Trapped in a Muggle treatment facility, they begin to realise that a future without magic or power is not necessarily devoid of hope.”

Twenty Years Later, by Reba Williams (or here, R-rated) NR
Harry/Draco, Harry/OC, Draco/OC, Hermione/Remus, Ron/Susan Bones, Neville/Luna; NC-17, novel-length. Summary: “It’s been almost twenty years since Harry Potter graduated Hogwarts as the ‘Hero of the Wizarding World‘. It was near the end of his seventh year when he finally defeated Voldemort. The details of that battle can be found in any number of history books or in one of the hundreds of biographies about Harry’s Life, well at least the first twenty-five years of his life, nobody knows what happened to Harry the morning after his twenty-fifth birthday. But we are about to.”

Two If By Sea, by RaeWhit (joanwilder) (or here) #
Snape/Harry; NC-17, chaptered novella. Summary: “Harry spends a summer away from the Wizarding world, working for Severus Snape, neither of them aware of the other’s heritage. Their collision with fate will change both of them forever. Written for the From Dusk Till Dawn Severus Snape/Harry Potter Fuh-Q-Fest Wave X Challenge: AU.” Severus lives among Muggles.

the universe is a procession, with measured and beautiful motion, by Busaikko
Snape/Remus, NC-17, one-shot. Summary: “Remus runs into Severus at a party.”

Upside Down, by honeycakehorse (or here) NR
Percy Weasley/Harry; PG-13, one-shot. Percy is getting a lot of flack in the wizarding world because he’s gay; then he runs into Harry who takes him home and invites him to move in and offers to teach him the ways of the Muggle world as they’re more tolerant of homosexuality.

Vases and Dragons, by smadronia
Draco/Hermione; PG. Draco & Hermione pose as muggle art collectors to track down a dark artifact.

The Village and The Village, Clarified, by Josan #
Pairing: no telling; genish; G, two long one-shots. Not so much living as a Muggle as inside a Muggle community.

A Virtue In Itself, by odogoddess
Snape/Percy; R, short. Summary: A put-upon Percy Weasley finds fulfillment… and Severus Snape, in the Muggle world.

Voluntary Exile, by Ziasudra
Gen or gennish Snape/Harry, PG, short. Snape hides in a Muggle prison.

Volunteers, by Anna Fugazzi #
Harry/Draco, past Harry/Ginny, Draco/OFC, PG-13, novel-length. Written before DH. Harry and Draco volunteer as Ministry and Muggle (respectively) liaisons for Beltane.
Sequel: Ember to Ember.

Wandless Magic, by deeble NR
Snape/Hermione; R, novel-length. Summary: “Voldemort is dead. Severus Snape is not. But he discovers there’s just as much need for espionage now — and he’s in no position to do it.”

The Waters of March, by Duinn Fionn (Geoviki) ##
Harry/Draco; PG-13, novella. After Hogwarts was destroyed in the war, students have to live in Muggle London. They are forbidden to do magic there.

Way of the World, by McKay (scribbulus_ink) (link to the main page, then look for it in the 2003-2004) #
Snape/Remus; NC-17. “After the war, Remus tells the wizarding world to sod off and goes to live as a Muggle, and three years later, Severus comes looking for him, wanting to know how to do the same thing.”

Welcome to the Real World, by IamtheLizardQueen (or here)
Harry/Draco; R, novel-length. Summary: “A post-Hogwart’s romance between Draco and Harry in muggle London. Includes red mittens, snide comments, cheesy lines, sliding on linoleum, pinching, nipple rings, bosses on sugar-highs, sex-obsessed friends, cooking shows, an author who doesn’t shut up, and much more besides.”

What Child is This? by snottygrrl
Harry/Draco, PG-13, one-shot. Summary: For eight years Harry’s been hunting Malfoy. Now Tonks has found him living as a Muggle with his daughter. Warnings: References to past character death.

What Percy Saw, by lordhellebore (link to part 2 at the bottom) #
Snape/Percy; R, long one-shot. Warnings: Mention of attempted suicide. Summary: “Starting with a detention in his first year at Hogwarts, Percy over the years gets to know a side of Snape most other people have no idea exists, leading him to finally make a strange decision.”

When Night Is Almost Done, by Manraviel NR
Harry/Draco; PG-13, discontinued WIP. Harry finds himself in San Francisco.

Whence All Good Things by Femme ##
Harry/Snape; NC-17. “After a decade abroad, Harry returns to England.” A lot of details of Harry’s life among Muggle in those ten years.

Where the Magic Is, by Argosy NR
Draco/Hermione, PG, ~12K. Summary: Dumbledore’s death, Draco Malfoy vanished without a trace. Ten years later he may have re-emerged as a robber of Muggle banks. Can a bushy-haired gal from Magical Law Enforcement find happiness in the arms of a gray-eyed Master Criminal?

Where You Least Expect, by Florahart
Harry/Draco; NC-17, short. Challenge: The war is over and Draco goes into hiding in the Muggle world. Harry is assigned to find him.

Wicked Game, by McKay (scribbulus_ink) (link to the main page, then look for it in the stories from 2001-2002) ##
Snape/Remus; In part 1 of the trilogy, when he was fired from Hogwarts after the second Shrieking Shack episode, Remus chooses to live in a remote Muggle village and finds employment in the local bookseller’s.

With Closed Eyes, by cherryghostzero
Draco/Hermione; PG-13, one-shot. Summary: “After the War, Draco and Hermione find themselves in places they don’t want to be. The only open option is to deal with the cards you’ve been given and seek for comfort in unlikely places.”

A World Away, by amethyst_lupin #
Harry/Snape; NC-17, discontinued WIP. Snape lives amongst Muggles and works as a Muggle pimp.

The Year of Living Differently, by Zebee
G; Gen. “Snape does a year at a Muggle university after leaving Hogwarts, and finds things are not as he was brought up to believe.” (*the Runaway Dragon (by Silverfox1) Universe)

You Are Remembered Still, by Mavidian
G; gen, one-shot. Snape, presumed dead by the Wizarding World, is still alive and living in exile in Muggle USA.

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, by Bella Ireland NR
At HP/SS Fuh-Q Fest at, Wave 1. For password join the kardasi-security y!group
Harry/Snape; NC-17. “Welcome class. My name is Professor James Evans, as I am sure you all know, and I’ll be your Muggle Relations professor this term here at Oxford. I am new to teaching, but not new to muggles, having been raised as one until my 11th birthday. In this class, I hope to teach you how to deal with everyday muggle artefacts, their monetary system, their government, and, well, how to properly deal with muggles as a whole. They can be rather tricky at times, some are rather rude and unbearable, but for the most part, they’re completely oblivious to our world, and generally are very easy going. We will be studying their everyday way of life these first few weeks, familiarizing ourselves with their belongings, their clothing, and their daily routines.”

You Had Me at Hallo (Part 1, part 2, part 3), by 142978 #
Harry/Draco; PG-13. Summary: “You know that story wherein Draco becomes a Muggle recluse after the War, and it’s up to secret-agent!Auror!Harry to bring him back to the Ministry, but they end up falling in love?”

Muggle / non-magic ARs

If you are interested in this scenario, check the Darknesss Central yahoo!group (”This Group contains ‘No Magic’ Harry Potter fanfiction. The two main pairings are SS/HP and DM/HP. Any pairing is accepted though”) and list of H/D Non-Magical AUs, compiled by alicambs.

As for this part, from now on I’m going to be picky about what I add here; there are too many really crappy Muggle AUs out there which I’m not going to list. Also, I’m not warning for Muggle AUs in this section ‘cos all the stories in it are Muggle AUs by default.

Acrobat, by Devilita NR
Harry/Draco, discontinued? WIP. Draco’s living in London but is not feeling quite alright. In a flash of green his life takes an interesting turn.

Act Five: Deconstruction of an Architect, by Dacro #
Gen (Harry/OMC in the background), PG-13, ~8500 words. Snarry Games entry. Genre(s): Alternate Reality (London: 1884-1894). Prompt(s): Miles to go before I sleep, Dissident. Warnings: Victorian AR. Mentor!Snape (not romantic Snarry), minor character deaths, implied drug use. Summary: A reporter once asked of me, ‘Sir. If the most notable moments of your life were to be documented for the stage, how many acts would there be, and what would they be called?’ I was of a mind to ignore him, and yet an answer came to my lips—much to my surprise. “Four acts—in no certain order: Death of a Father, Death of a Servant, The Bridge, and The Arrival of the Boy.” There is also this movement, a fifth and final act that I neglected to share with him. It has no title as of yet.

All Things Considered, by Claggart NR
Snape/Harry, PG-13, short. Summary: “Harry thought going to war would be better than staying with the Dursleys. Too young to enlist, he sneaks on board a ship departing for war. When he is discovered, Severus Snape, an officer, is told to take care of him until he can be sent back home.”

Alright Without You, by Carawen
At HPSS Fuh-Q Fest at, Wave 5. For password join the kardasi-security y!group.
Snape/Harry, Draco/OFC, PG-13. Challenge: AU - Draco Malfoy has come to Hogsmeade in search of education, but instead he falls for the beautiful younger daughter/son (character of your choice) of Albus Dumbledore. Problem: his Love has an older brother, Harry, who is possessed of a headstrong (and shrewish) disposition and Dumbledore has declared that his oldest must be married before he’ll give the younger’s hand in matrimony. Help arrives in the form of his father’s old friend, Severus Snape — a nobleman, sadly fallen on hard financial times, who has come to Hogsmeade in search of a rich spouse. Who, exactly, will tame who?

Amor Tussisque Non Celantur, by Rosy (rossana) # (locked)
Snape/Remus, NC-17, short. Summary: Severus Snape was not a man who fell in love. He simply was not. Not until today, that is.

Animula, by Redrum (animula) and In_The_Shadows
Snape/Harry; R/NC-17. Theoretically it’s completed but only ch.1-10 are posted, the rest is said to be betaed; since it’s been years, I wouldn’t hold your breath, in your place. Warnings: teacher/student relationship, child neglect and abuse. Summary: “This time there is no wizarding world to save Harry from the Dursleys at age eleven. Instead, he’s had to endure brutal beatings; both at home and at school. It seems the whole world has turned its back on Harry. But, finally, after seventeen years of abuse, one dark haired English teacher, Severus Snape, decides to help him.”

the art of make-believe, by Abaddon (nothingbutfic) #
BtVS/Harry crossover; gen; PG-13; short. Summary: “We could be heroes. just for one day.” Muggle AU with a twist.

At Ganymede’s Hands, by Beth H
Snape/Harry, NC-17, short. Warning: crossdressing. Summary: In which Harry displays his ‘feminine side,’ and Severus Snape reveals more than he had intended.

new Black Coffee on a Lonely Night, by Femmequixotic #
Hary/Draco, past Draco/Astoria, NC-17, ~21,600 words. Summary: Draco owns a café in the city. Harry’s an MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato. Warnings: non-magical AU.

Blurred Crusade, by Eriador117 NR
Snape/Harry, NC-17, ~12,500 words. Non-Magic AU, written for the Dawn to Dusk History Challenge. Summary: Severus, Earl of Snape, retired soldier of the 3rd Crusade, never intended to marry. King John had other plans for him. Warnings for mentions of child abuse and under 18.

Borrowed Time, by Occasus (or here)
Snape/Harry, R, one-shot. Summary: Severus Snape loved only once. But his lover is living on borrowed time.

Butterfly, Dreaming, by minnow_53
Remus/Sirius, PG, short. Summary: Sirius POV: Harry is in a coma and not expected to survive.

Canon In D, by Occasus NR
Snape/Harry; R; chaptered novella. Summary: “Harry Potter was blinded by a serial killer that murdered his parents. Now locked up in Hogwarts behavorial Health hospital, it’s up to artist Severus Snape to bring him out of his shell.”
Sequel: Four Seasons: AU non magical world. Harry moves on in life with Remus Lupin after the death of his beloved, Severus Snape. PG-13.

Chance Encounters, by cordeliadelayne (locked)
Snape/Remus, NC-17, short. Summary: AU. In Muggle England Lupin is working part-time in a library and occasionally baby-sitting for his friends the Potters and Snape is working the streets.

Citizen Snape, by Regan_V #
Snape/Harry; NC-17, one-shot. Written for Beth H’s Snape-a-Rama AU Challenge. Prompt: Harry as a construction worker, Snape as a fussy client having a super house built (you choose what kind of super: super modern, super creepy, super goth, super English, whatever). It takes place in a United States desert state (you pick which one).

A City Visible But Unseen, by Alvira (Scoradh) NR
Multiple, slash and het, PG-13, long. Imagine a world where everyone in the Potterverse grew up as Muggles…only they didn’t, because without a wizarding world there’s no such thing as Muggles anyway. Imagine they all attend a run-down comp where our favourite faces teach, and where numerous other familiar faces crop up in various unlikely guises. Add in Vending-Machine-Repairman!Sirius, and you have this fic…contains slash (should it offend) and het (should it offend) pairings. Lots of.

Come Out Of The West, by Perfica #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, ~9000 words. Genre(s): Alternate Reality. Prompt(s): St Mungo’s, Miles To Go Before I Sleep. Summary: Spending time with an injured man causes a bored Harry Potter to rethink his options in life.

Commonplace Magic, by Sinick and Ac1d6urn #
Harry/Snape, NC-17, novella. “No doom of the wizarding world hanging in the balance, no tragic premature death. Just Harry getting inside a solitary man’s defences, by not really trying.”

Compulsion, by Arionrhod (locked)
Snape/Remus; R, novel-length. Summary: “Two champions; one disgraced by scandal, the other hiding a secret. Two very different men, who share a single goal - to become the greatest figure skater in the world. Can they also accept that they share a common passion… each other?”

“Did You Know I’m Naked Underneath This T-Shirt” And Other Great Hits, by bribitribbit
Harry/Draco, R, ~8700 words. HD Worcup entry. Team Fanon. Prompt: The Moon. Warnings: Crack!fic, Muggle boarding school AU, underage boys. Summary: I know for a fact that Goyle’s a drummer.

Dobby in Distress, by wildegirl_05
Ron/Draco, PG-13, one-shot. Summary: This fic borrows character names from JK Rowling and everything else from P.G. Wodehouse. I’ve attempted to duplicate a shadow of his rich world for you, hope you like it! Please note - this story is set in 1920s England but for some unfathomable reason, gay marriages are legal.

Double Happiness Masala, by Busaikko (or here) #
Snape/Remus; NC-17; one-shot. Summary: “Two lonlinesses, many secrets, one solution?”

Draco’s Boy, by Empathic Siren (also at FFnet or author’s page) #
Harry/Draco; R, novel-length. Summary: “Harry and Draco meet as eight-year-olds after Harry moves in next door. Draco takes a liking to Harry and decides to make him his boy. Follow them as they grow-up together, learn each other’s deepest secrets and, after a little bit of angst and a whole lot of UST, fall in love.”

Draco/Ron public school AU Series, by Serialkarma
R/NC-17. Each part can be read as a standalone PWP. Draco Malfoy serves his schoolmates for money.
Read also Improvisation on the theme by Lalejandra and Serialkarma.

The Edge of a Razor, by Acadia (likeaglass) #
Harry/Snape; NC-17, one-shot. From Dusk till Dawn Severus Snape/Harry Potter Fuh-Q-Fest. Challenge: Wave X “Not here, not now! No magic?” For password join the kardasi-security yahoo!group. Summary: Snape, an undertaker who is more dead than alive, is inexplicably drawn to his newest client - one Mr. Harry Potter, a famous footballer whose husband died under mysterious circumstances.

Ever After, by busaikko
Remus/Sirius, PG-13, short. Summary: Once upon a time, an astrophysicist was wooed by the gay Scheherazade…

Exegesis, by Femme ##
Snape/Harry (other pairings mentioned), NC-17, ~49K words. Genre(s): Alternate Reality and Romance. Prompt(s): The Root of All Evil. Warnings: minor character death, religious/theological elements. Summary: Every culture has their tales regarding creatures of the night.

Freaks and Geeks, by Hello Moto NR
Harry/Draco, R, WIP. Draco Malfoy was born deaf, and now he is being forced to go to a boarding school in New England for the first time. Things aren’t going his way. Then he meets Harry Potter, a boy with more than his fair share of secrets.

The Ghost of Dursley Hall, by Eriador117
Snape/Harry, NC-17, 22000 words. Snarry Games entry. Genre(s): Alternate Reality, Romance. Prompt(s): Sleeplessness. Warnings: highlight in the fic post. Summary: Dursley Hall is rumoured to be haunted, but when Severus Snape becomes a tutor for Dudley Dursley, the truth is much more unexpected than that…

Halfway, by Ravenna C Tan #
Harry/Severus, with a touch of Severus/Sirius, sort of (you’ll see), NC-17, ~10K words. Warnings: AU, sort of. Summary: When you’re amnesiac and in the care of the state, you spend a lot of time trying not to think about why the boy named Harry Potter seems familiar to you…

Harry Potter and the Graduate Assistantship, by Telanu (somniesperus)
Gen Snape, Harry, G, ficlet. Partially inspired by Brevisse’s hilarious picture of Snape as a university professor.

Incurable, by warholhp #
Harry/Draco, NC-17, novel-length. “Harry Potter was not sent to Hogwarts at age 11 as his parents intended. Instead, when an altercation with his uncle turns violent, he is sent to St. Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys. But four years later, he has the opportunity to attend Hogwarts, where he learns to live a life he never thought possible for himself. H/D and a bit of mentor-Snape.”

Just like Hell, by Cimmerian Sorceress NR
Harry/Draco, PG-13, long. Summary: Non-magic. When Draco moves into his new apartment, the last thing he expects is for the spirit of the apartment’s previous owner to start haunting him. Even though Draco’s convinced that Harry’s dead, Harry doesn’t quite believe that. Based on the movie ‘Just Like Heaven’.

Keeper, by kabeyk
Harry/Draco; NC-17, one-shot. Summary: Non-magical boarding school, lots of fighting and football and mud and scabby knees. And rum and dope and smoking behind the bike sheds and sex in the showers.

Laws of Magnetic Attraction, by Go Seaward #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novella. Snarry Games entry. Team: Postwar. Genres: AU (non-magic). Prompt: Treason. Summary: Harry Potter, war hero, comes home after sustaining an injury in the service of his country-only to find that the war at home is much more dangerous.

Learning the Landscape, by Beth H (bethbethbeth) #
Snape/Harry, NC-17, ~21000 words. Snarry Games entry. Genre(s): Alternate Reality & Romance. Prompt(s): Tabloid Headlines. Summary: Second generation celebrity, pop sensation, rising movie star: Harry Potter is looking for something more meaningful in his life than mere fame. However, when he inexplicably decides to make ex-con Steven Snape part of that “something more meaningful,” well…it’s too much to expect the press to ignore it forever.

The Loft, by Unlistedpiety/ PaddycakePadfoot NR
NC-17 version is here and here. Harry/Draco, R, novel-length. Summary: Above a flower shop in New York, is a newly rented loft. Draco Malfoy doesn’t want to get married, and Harry Potter is running from his past. Will love spurn from hate? Or will Harry’s problems ruin them both…

Love Atrocious, by yih NR
R. Harry has been heads over heels in love with Lucius Malfoy, the SEXY and ARROGANT actor for the past 5 years. Too bad Lucius doesn’t notice, but Severus Snape, snarky fashion designer, is going to SWEEP Harry off his feet. Add a petulant Draco and…

Magic Boy, by minnow_53
Gen, Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione mentioned; PG, short. Summary: Harry undergoes his weekly therapy session.

The Moon’s Significant Tremble, by Setissma and Linnpuzzle #
Sirius/Remus; NC-17, one-shot. Fic and art collaboration. Summary: “It is an AU fic in which Remus and Sirius are muggles and meet on a train and Remus is, in fact, a school teacher and Sirius is, like, an investment banker, and then, you know, it all goes downhill from there.”

New York, New York, by Ziasudra
Snape-centric gen, mild Lucius/Narcissa. Prompt: Snape and Narcissa on the run for a terrible crime, go to ground in a late 70s New York punk underworld. Lucius pursues them (either as father/brother/rejected lover/officer of the law).

Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered, by Arionrhod
Snape/Lupin, R, novella. Summary: Severus Snape is a brilliant diagnostician, but it turns out that Remus Lupin is a very difficult case, in more ways than one. Notes: For cordeliadelayne, based on the request: AU. Snape is a cranky doctor a la House, Lupin is his patient. Unwillingly to believe there is no cure for the mysterious disease that plagues Lupin every full moon, Snape spends more and more time with his patient and finally succumbs to his flirting. Discovery of a cure optional. Happy ending a must.

One Night in Bucharest, by Snegurochka Lee #
Charlie/Remus, Snape/Charlie, Snape/Remus, Snape/Charlie/Remus; NC-17, long one-shot. Warnings: Gratuitous use of Romanian and references to East European geopolitics in the early ’90s. Threesome, voyeurism, double penetration. Summary: “Romania: August, 1993. An English farmhand meets an attractive stranger in a pub. Little do they know they are both haunted by the same man from their past.”

Our Blessed Child, by lordhellebore #
Snape/Petunia; PG-13, WIP. Summary: London, 1830: Years ago, Severus Snape lost the fight for the woman he loved, Lily Evans. Now a rich apothecary, he makes the acquaintance of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, the latter being his lost love’s elder sister. Lily and her husband James Potter have died thirteen years ago, leaving a mentally handicapped and epileptic son, who is not accepted by his uncle and locked away after a tragic accident. Not allowed to see her abused nephew, a desperate Petunia finally seizes an opportunity and asks Snape for help. Will he be able to save Harry as well as his aunt?

Out of Bedlam, by Busaikko #
Snape/Remus; R, one-shot. Warnings: reference to madness, repression, abuse, character death. Summary: Victorian AU. Severus is in Bethlem Royal Hospital; Remus is a doctor.

Panacea, by Switchknife #
Harry/Draco, Harry/Colin implied; NC-17; one-shot. Summary: “Harry’s a disgruntled cop. Draco’s his panacea” Warnings: Cross-dressing, genderfucking, mindfucking, dubious consent, semi-public sex, dirty talk, a hint of D/s, more than a hint of D/b, humiliation, sexual manipulation, hair-pulling and frottage.

The Perfect Wife, by LinW aka Nesting Hedwig #
Or at SS/HP fuh-q fest at For password join the Kardasi-security y!group
Harry/Snape, Snape/Lucius implied; NC-17. Summary: “This story occurs at a private boy’s school in the late 1800’s; there is no such thing as magic.”

Pride and Prejudice, by Cat Samwise #
Snape/Harry; PG-13; novella. Summary: “The life of Harry Potter, the schoolteacher, changes abruptly, when a party of rich unmarried men comes to visit his town. Will he be able to win over the man he loves?”

Puzzle Pieces, by Occasus
Harry/Snape, R, novel-length. Harry Potter, raised in Hong Kong, comes back to England after the death of his father and finds himself sucked into a world of corrupt government with someone out to kill him. It’s up to Harry along with the Order to figure out how the puzzle pieces fit together.

Raining With You, by Occasus
Harry/Snape, R, one-shot. Summary: Fic request for daughter_moon: musician!Snape and blind!Harry, a/u no magic. Snape is forced to do charity work for Albus, and ends up meeting Harry.

Say You Love Me, by Lola Little
Snape/Harry, Snape/other, R, WIP. Summary: “AU Lord Snape gets more than he bargained for when he stops to repair his carriage at the Dursley estate. Deaf and horribly abused, Harry Potter has lived a nightmarish life. Can Severus help the boy and still manage to keep his desires in check?”

Severus & Harry, by senjy (The Senju)
Snape/Harry, NC-17, 15K words. Warnings: AU, underage sex (adult/17 year old), coerced sex, prostitution, references to child abuse. Summary: When Lord Snape makes his monthly visit to a brothel, he has no idea that the unwilling whore he meets will soon become so much more.

A Six Horse Problem, by Eriador117 (or here) NR
Snape/Harry, NC-17, novel-length. Non-magic AU based on Equus. Psychiatrist Severus Snape has his toughest case to date. Warnings: Violence, Adult Language, Sexual Situations, Non-con (rape), Self harm, OOC-ness, Under 18, Contains Het Sex.

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, by Melora98 (or here)#
Harry/Snape, PG, one-shot. From Dusk till Dawn Severus Snape/Harry Potter Fuh-Q-Fest. Challenge: Wave X “Not here, not now! No magic?”

Stand Still, by Mnemosyne_1 #
Snape/Remus, R, novella. Note: it’s a Muggle AU set at the beginning of the 19th century, during the Napoleonic War.

Sunday, by hidden_decay (or here) #
Harry/Snape; PG-15, long one-shot. Summary: “It’s all a matter of ritual, kneel, cross, rise, kneel, sit, stand. Then someone enters Harry Potter’s life and changes it all around.”

A Troubled Boy, by Little Needle
Snape/Harry; R. In 1940’s muggle England Professor Snape takes a boy called Harry into his home when his widowed Aunt Petunia can no longer care for him. Skirts, kisses, soda shops, love, tea and cakes and tragedy occur.

Un Dieu Anonyme by Switchknife #
Harry/Draco; PG-13. discontinued WIP. A Muggle AU in which Harry is the outcast, and Draco the one with all the attention.

WAGs to Riches, by NQDonne
Percy/Oliver, NC-17, short. Summary: How the boy Percy had idly daydreamed about in school had ended up one of the country’s top rugby players was something Percy left up to bad karma.

We Are Family… and Homicide Isn’t an Option, by McKay (scribbulus_ink)
Snape/Lupin, PG-13, ~14,500 words. Warning: cross-dressing and lots of it. Summary: Remus is the owner of a successful drag club whose long-term partner, Severus, is also the star diva of the club. Their lives are peaceful and happy until Remus’ son, Ted, comes home to make a request: play it straight for his potential in-laws.

Wishes are for Dreamers by yih NR
Harry/Snape; R. “The Make A Wish Foundation grants wishes for terminally ill children. The day of Harry’s 18th birthday, he gets a wish of a lifetime granted to meet his idol, his inspiration— the musical prodigy, Severus Snape.”

A World Without, by Leeni-chan NR
Harry/Draco, Harry/Dean, R, novella. Summary: A world without magic and Voldemort for Harry Potter should be dull. It’s not.

Worlds Collide by franthephoenix NR
Harry/Draco; PG-13. A freak accident that throw Harry/Draco into a Muggle world where they have no idea they’re wizards, but attend Stonewall high.

Many thanks to all people who took part in the search!

Know other stories that fit? Please, share!


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