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Posted on August 23, 2007
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## means “loved to bits OMG!”
# stands for “liked.”
[] means “rather liked,” on the brink between “liked” and “not my thing.”

If you want to read not only my recs but also the reviews of the fics I read (I don’t like every one of them, naturally), go here. Chances are, you’ll like something that wasn’t quite to my tastes.

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Same species


Five Things That Never Happened to Boromir of Gondor, by Fangirl_lizzie []
Aragorn/Boromir, PG to NC-17.

One: The Dead Under the Mountain
PG-13. Summary: Aragorn meets someone unexpected on the corsair ships.

Oathbreaker!Boromir comes to fight for the king. It’s only the third time I read a story wih this plot, and I have been specifically searching for it. It’s written quite well, and there are clever details and ideas there, but after watching PotC2, a corsair ship full of dead and a touch of a cold, dead hand don’t make it for romance settings for me. Or even for relationship settings. I just get creeped out and wait for adventures that don’t come. Speak of wrong circumstances for something…

Ack, I’m stoopid. I liked the way this author writes, so I decided to check more of her fics. So I went to the calendar view and clicked on the next entry titled “Insane fic.” And only then I noticed “Two” in the title and realised that what I just read was part 1 of a five-chapter fic. So, going on

Two: The Steward of Gondor
R. Summary: Boromir survives Amon Hen. But does that mean he’ll live happily ever after?

Three: The Battle of Helm’s Deep
Also Aragorn/Éowyn; slight mention of Boromir/Éowyn and Faramir/Éowyn, PG-13. Summary: Boromir survived Amon Hen; he didn’t survive Helm’s Deep. Aragorn remembers.

Four: The Return of the King
PG. Summary: Boromir didn’t die at Amon Hen. Nor did he die at Helm’s Deep. Aragorn, on the other hand…

After the first three stories, the summary of #4 made me laugh out loud.

Five: The Plains of Rohan
NC-17. Summary: Boromir gets his happy ending.

So on the whole, I find it interesting more than like it. It often happens to me with the “Five things that never happened” kind of fics. But it’s well-written. Actually, I probably liked best the third part where there’s het and Boromir is absent due to being dead. Or the forth. #5 is a PWP, and I can’t say I liked how the sex is written. IMO it’s rather less original than the rest of the story. But the story is clever and some parts are memorable.


Adamant and Iron, by Empy []
Boromir/Faramir, NC-17, one-shot. Summary: In the days of June, sudden war came upon us out of Mordor.

This is a decent fic. Lust, love, wrongness, hotness, hiding in the plain sight, tedious, hopeless war, interlaced timelines — it all works and is shown wonderfully. The story isn’t that long but it seems longer because a lot is shown in its short scenes. One thing I don’t like in this fic is the ending. It sort of doesn’t have an ending. You know stories like this that end at a random scene. I just don’t see why it ended exactly here. I can guess, but my guesswork will be imprecise by definition although the knowledge of what happens in canon timeline after that helps. But I believe the authorial intent should be a bit clearer. Well, I liked the story and saved it to my HD.

Faramir Is: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], by Lady Jaida # (ch.2-5 are locked)
Boromir/Faramir, five chapters, R.

I started reading it, and it was good. So I got scared that it would be an abandoned WIP, the trail of which Lady Jaida is wont to leave. But it’s not. It’s finished, and quite a wonderful story it is. Not much happens in it, so I think it’s the writing that makes it — it’s when you read not because you are captured by the plot but because every line leads you to the next and you are enchanted by their sequences. Although, there are typos here and there. The story follows the brothers’ relationship from the very beginning and until they “do it.” It’s moving and beautiful. I really liked it.

From the Other River Bank, by Dwimordene ##
Boromir/Faramir, R, novel-length. Warning: incest (duh)

The language is rather heavy in general and heavy on being archaic in particular. Every “for” in place of “because” and every “ere” instead of “as” or other things made me roll my eyes, and so did inversions.

The story is very slow; it has a lot of inner monologues. They don’t look stilted, or maybe just a bit, but it’s hard to read anyway. I don’t know how I managed to keep reading. Possibly it’s because it was my first Boromir/Faramir fic, and I wanted to learn how they would get together, if they would. It’s the USTest UST among USTs, in large bold letters. That was the downside for me.

What I liked in this story is how the author introduced homosexual relationships into this world. I’d say in my opinion it’s more realistic for Tolkien’s universe and this kind of society than free and easy everybody is gay I’ve seen in some other LotR fics. I also liked how she wrote the steward family: horribly dysfunctional but alive and not without love. I liked the characterisation a lot. So far it’s probably the best characterisation I’ve seen in LotR fic. But what I like probably most of all is that it’s not “they both fall in love but both keep suffering in silence until…”. Major spoiler ahead, highlight to read: It’s one brother who does, and the other who’s quite clueless and doesn’t harbour any forbidden feelings. And they only have one kiss! And then Boromir goes off to search for Imladris where he’ll take part in Elrond’s Council. And we all know what happens after that. This is so damn sad!

So, this fic made a deep impression on me but exasperated me somewhat at the same time. But the more I think of it, the better I like it; the words get forgotten but the strong, wonderful story lives in my mind.

Perfect World, by Juxian Tang (or here) #
Boromir/Faramir, PG-13, one-shot. Summary: Alternative Universe. Boromir is back but not everyone is ready to accept him.

I knew Juxian Tang wrote LotR fiction. I even knew she wrote Boromir/Faramir, but I was afraid they’d be too dark for me. Well, judging by the summaries, some of them are. In this story Boromir, let me put it like this, isn’t very stable, like you could imagine Sirius Black who has returned from beyond the veil. I don’t want to give warnings ‘cos the author doesn’t, but although some disturbing things (or heavy kink) are featured in this fic, most of them are implied — but some are shown. It’s written from the POV of one of Faramir’s sons, so he only observes the outer signs. I loved this story! It’s twisted and tender and wonderfully written.

The Shining One, by Stewardess (f-locked; you’ll have to join the LJ community to read it; or at the LoM, in one long file and in open access) #
Boromir/OCs, Boromir/Faramir, NC-17, chaptered novella. Summary: Boromir coming of age story. Boromir finds that the battles of the heart are the most perilous. Lots of glorious angst. Sibcest, mild B&D, mild non-con, battlefield violence.

In spite of what I said about my being easy in my OT-ish reading, I think I would enjoy this story even if it were another pairing. As Boromir fucks around, trying to mute his desire for his “little brother” (no spoiler here; look at the stated pairings), a year passes, then another one, then a dozen. Boromir changes, maturing, and the change is nearly palpable. I couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end, and then I cried my eyes out (it’s not AU, so you know how it ends) and wanted to immediately start from the beginning again. The author led me along the brink of credibility of the characters’ motivations or D/s-ish cum top/bottom-ish things here, and things I don’t like (so many understanding same-sex relationships that it’s nearly “everybody is gay;” nearly but not really) many times, but never failed. Every time I thought I’d say my Stanislavsky line “I don’t believe,” there was some slight shift that made me sail past it and never remember that I hadn’t thought it to be perfectly believable at the beginning. I was hooked from the very first paragraphs:

Boromir huddled beneath four woolen blankets, counting to one hundred. When he reached one hundred, he would get up and light the fire.

Three years earlier, when he had turned twelve, his father Denethor told him that no longer would a servant come to his room to light the fire before first light. Boromir did not see the point. A servant laid the fire for him each evening, and another servant cleared away the cold ashes in the afternoon. What was the good of his brief sprint to the fireplace?

It doesn’t hurt that it was prefaced with an awesome manip by The Theban Band (the one with them young). I’m in two minds about manips: they squick me more often than not, and often I find them unpleasant, when the faces or facial expressions don’t fit the bodies well, in my view. But this one… I’m in awe of the creators’ skill.

But back to the story, what I love best about it, what makes it stand out in my mind, is the use of the key image/name that “wanders” from character to character, “the shining one.” For this only I’d forget about anything that might have rubbed me against the fur in another fic. I’m so going to reread it soon, even though I know it will make me bawl again.

The story has several sequels, the stories in the same universe set during Boromir’s quest to Rivendell and with Fellowship. Pairings vary.

Sons of Gondor, by Ashinae and Your Cruise Director (link to part1; further links at the bottom) []
Boromir/Faramir, NC-17, series. In six parts: Part 1: Denethor plots to keep his sons apart, but Faramir has other plans; Part 2: Boromir worries about the consequences of succumbing to passion; Part 3: Faramir discovers that his brother is not perfect; Part 4: What can be salvaged after everything changes?; Part 5: Boromir must leave in the morning with much unresolved; Part 6: A lifetime of love is stronger than fear.

The beginning of this story is, IMO, how one should begin a story if they want to capture their reader. It’s very smooth, creates a scene that appeals to your senses (sight, feeling, sound) and is easily imaginable. Nothing distracting there, no unnecessary words or explanations. You just start reading and immediately get inside the story verse. The story made me believe in Faramir that cries. And in Boromir that cries. There’s so much angst at a certain point that I thought I might chock on it. But there’s so much more than angst. God, it’s intense. And awfully hot, especially in the last chapter. And lovely. The writing is a bit uneven, and I suspect that this is a reflection of coauthorship — but I can’t know because I don’t know how they write together. All in all, I enjoyed the story.

To Learn You All Over Again, by Faramir_Boromir (or on LJ: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]) []
Boromir/Faramir, NC-17, series. Summary: “Being totally and spontaneously honest is fine when one has no secrets to hide. For almost thirty years, Faramir and Boromir shared total honesty. But now, both have a secret” or “Exploring the new relationship of lovers Boromir and Faramir: well-known to each other as brothers, they must discover hidden aspects of each other’s personalities as their love for each other deepens, and they learn each other anew.”

Note before reading: the summary sounds like my dream come true. This is exactly what I want to read in a B/F fic, and I want it long. Will see if the fic delivers. It looks abandoned (the last update was in 2004; the author seems to have moved on to a new fandom), but I’ll take a good abandoned story over a bad finished one, usually.

The writing is light and clear enough. Wonderful childhood game as a plot-driving device; it’s sitcomish for the first half of ch. 1, and as long as it is, the simultanious mutual attraction and other things don’t bother me. It keeps working as a decent device all the way through, adapting for the changed relationship. I liked it.

I liked the fic for how light and not ueber-angsty it was for once — although there was some relationship-related angst, sorry for the tautology. But it’s pleasant to read a fic where it’s not related to Big Plot, or far not entirely. I also liked the abundance of hot sex, especially in later chapters where they start to experiment and rediscover themselves and each other. OTOH, I suspect that this fic serves as a placeholder for all F/B PWPs that I didn’t read. So, in lieu of them all, I like it. But I suspect that had I read a dozen F/B PWPs before, I’d like it less.


Each Separate Dying Ember, by Lullenny #
Boromir/Éomer, PG-13, medium-length one-shot. Summary: The ride to Edoras was familiar to Boromir; he had made the trip many times, though never for such a disagreeable purpose as this.

Pleasant or angsty, depending on the part, well-written and very well fleshed-out. The entire world, not to mention characters, come alive from a few well-chosen words and descriptions. Boromir comes to Rohan to confirm or deny the rumour that Rohan pays the enemy with their best horses. He’s welcomed by his occasional lover/shield brother, and they go on a scouting mission to the Eastern borders. Fabulous OCs: although they are minor characters, they bring so much into the fic! Wonderful story, as for me.


Bliss, by Cinzia []
Éomer/Faramir, Aragorn/Boromir (implied), R, short. Summary: Set after the end of the War. Eomer and Faramir talk about Boromir, King Elessar, and the facts of life, on a very special day.

A sad story, or I better say bittersweet, with a lot of crossing relationships. I should have been annoyed with all of them sleeping with each other or loving each other in every which way because I usually don’t like such things, but instead I liked it. Because I liked how it was done. It’s sad and lovely and makes you think of things half-forgotten, things that weren’t and those that barely touched you, things that you observed but forgot. This is, perhaps, what a good story should do to you.

Frodo/OMC hobbit

The Goat from Bree, by Lullenny []
Frodo/OMC, R, short. Summary: “Frodo thought he had considered every eventuality, but he hadn’t taken the goat into account.”

Aww, it’s a lovely story, in places funny, in places bittersweet, and very hobbity in a very pleasant way. Frodo glanced at the tops of his feet, the thick hair dusty and unruly. He never brushed them as often as his many aunties would like, so it was hard to see what kept Rowan’s attention. If I knew it was hobbit/hobbit, I would probably skip it, but I’m glad I didn’t. I liked it.

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A Blue Moon Rises, by Mahaliem []
Aragorn/Legolas, PG-13, ~ 250 words. Takes place while Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are hunting the orcs who have Merry and Pippin

Mahaliem MUST write more LotR fiction! This tiny ficlet is amusing in a very Mahaliem-ish way. I doubt Legolas would say “gay sex,” but it’s still a little bit of pleasure.

The Question, by Belinda (eyebrowofdoom on lj) #
Aragorn/Legolas, NC-17, short. Summary: Elves, you know? They’re hundreds or even thousands of years old. They sleep with their eyes open, *if* they sleep — frequently they just stand around all night, still and straight, waiting for the sodding humans to wake up and get on with it. They’re just bloody weird, really. Aragorn, travelling with Legolas, is reminded all over again.

Absolutely wonderful. I want to quote it all. It features: a) funny and lovely disjointed dialogue, b) Legolas’ super-aloofness, c) Aragorn’s bewilderment. That’s the sort of fic I mean when I say that it grabbed me from the first line. Here I was captured even before that, with the summary. Once again, it’s a pity that it’s a one-off sexual encounter. I’d love to see more.


Find The Sun, by Stewardess (f-locked on LJ; you’ll have to join the community to read it) []
Boromir/Legolas, NC-17, chaptered novella. Summary: Shining One Arc (or here; Boromir/Faramir) from Rivendell to Amon Hen. Boromir falls into darkness, but at last finds the sun.

As a standalone, I liked The Shining One better: it’s more full-bodied as a story, richer, too. But as a follow-up to that story, I think this fic works really well ‘cos it shows us Boromir’s last months before his death, and after the devastation of TSO, it’s somehow pacifying. It has its fair share of fascinating details, and reads wonderfully too.

Boromir/Pippin or Merry

Butterfly Wings, by Lucy Hale []
Boromir/Merry; PG, long. Summary: Based on the idea that one tiny shift in the world can cause repercussions. This is a slash story following LotR where one feeling from one small hobbit alters a man’s life and death.

Wonderful Boromir! I was hunting for Lucy Hale’s LotR fics after reading and liking Not in Vain (see below) — didn’t find anything but then stumbled upon her FFnet page by accident. I liked how the other one was written better, but here Boromir lives, and who am I to miss such an opportunity? :) This is a lovely story, too.

On the downside: 1) It’s unfinished. Or better to say, nearly finished but the resolution is still absent. 2) Errors, just on this side of typos (occasional homophone abuse and such) — not many though. 3) Some chapters are barely more than drabbles. I can’t see any need to divide the fic into them: it could have had 5 longish chapters instead of 35 short and drabble-like ones; would spare one much clicking. This small change (Merry falling for Boromir) leads to Boromir’s surviving. But this is the only noticeable change there’s (except maybe small changes in the battle of Pellenor field, but they, too, are really small), so the theory in the summary should probably sound, “One tiny shift in the world can cause one repercussion.” :) In other words, not enough differences plot-wise.

But there’s something in this story to make me not mind all of that. Probably, it’s a mix of the storytelling manner and characterisation. So I enjoyed it. As I said, it’s really lovely and comforting — not too fluffy but soothing. Good to read when you want something to help you rest. Were it finished, I’d “star” it.

Not in Vain, by Lucy Hale (also at FFnet) #
Merry/Pippin, Merry/Boromir (sort of), PG-13, novella. Summary: A retelling of Fellowship, from Boromir’s POV. With a little slash added in for good measure.

This story was pointed to me by Mahaliem when I complained about the lack of Boromir/hobbit fic of my dream. Thanks again!

It’s lovely, and so sad! I cried. It’s a love story, but not one where they are all romantic and mushy. It’s a love story because there’s just love — affection, understanding, care, some infatuation too. The hobbits and Boromir (and the other members of the Fellowship) are wonderfully real and not two-dimensional. We can see various sides of Boromir: a warrior and leader that is tempted by the ring, a friend and person that delights in simple things, an adult and responsible man who cares about the weaker companions, etc. The culture clash and discoveries are handled very well. A very pleasant reading, as for me.

There’s a small formatting problem in the middle: the story starts again from the beginning, so you’ll have to scroll a bit.


Back to the Beginning, by Adina #
Gimli/Legolas, PG-13, one-shot. Summary: Dwarves have many strange tales and beliefs about themselves and their fate after death.

Very strange, sad, and poetic; the language isn’t stilted at all. It’s set many hundred years in the future.

Spoiler/teaser ahead; scroll past if you don’t want to be spoiled.

“You think I’m him,” Thrain said in a rush. “Beru said you are always looking for him, for Gimli reborn, and that is why you are called Longseeker, because you could never find him. When we met you spoke–very strangely.”

“When you found me I was almost lost to the dreaming. I spoke half to you and half to the ancient past,” Legolas apologized. The less said about their past the better. He would not burden the youth with this knowledge, would not endanger their seedling friendship with the shade of ancient trees.

That was not enough to satisfy his companion. “Yet you think I am him,” he repeated.

Nor yet would he lie. “Fourteen times I have watched Gimli die–” The grief nearly killed him each time. “–and fourteen times found him alive again. You are he.”

There are several minor grammar errors and an unclosed tag in the middle of the text, so the second half is Italised. I didn’t mind. It’s a fascinating and moving story; it really sticks to memory.

A Bird and a Beast, by Belinda (eyebrowofdoom on lj) []
Legolas/Gimli, NC-17 (I’d say R), one-shot. Summary: “A carved puzzle, left to rattle in a bag, may solve itself. Another version of what happened upon the return of Legolas and Gimli to Fangorn.”

Pleasant and well-written. Not too much emotion (the doom of LotR FPS, as it looks to me so far), no fluff (another kind of LotR FPS doom, especially where there’s anything to do with hobbits). The dwarf and elf ways of thinking look believable; the sex is neither idealised nor repulsive, but not too graphic. The most pleasant thing, as for me, is that there are no language choices that throw you out of the scene, like an inappropriate word or detail. The only disadvantage — and it’s only for me, the relationship whore — is that it’s a one-off encounter.

Lords of Misrule, by Fabularasa ##
Gimly/Legolas, NC-17, novella.

First rec (as one of the first fics I read in this fandom): One might think that Fabula’s fic worked for me because I’m biased, i.e. I love her HP fiction. What can I say? Maybe. But the thing is, it captured me from the first lines, despite not being my pairing of choice (dwarfs? aaah!) at all. It’s still strange to read about dwarves and elves fucking (or to have the notion of sex and talk about sex brought into Tolkien’s world), but I liked how it was done in this fic. You know, this thing I don’t remember in HP at all. But I sort of remember it in my getting into Rammstein RPS, this moment of “what? they fuck? WTF? how funny!” But here Fabula makes it pretty smooth. Thanks to her skill, I mostly went past the awkwardness of it, with only several bumps. Or maybe it’s right thanks to the awkwardness of the very theme of sex in this fic. I mean, Fabula is the queen of dirty talk, but still it looks a bit strange to my, unused to the sight of elves or dwarves in heat, reading eye, unlike, say, Black growling dirty things into Snape’s ear :). Anyway, this is the first fic I saved to my HD. “It was like shaping a gemstone. Shaping could not be done in anger or haste, with one’s own emotions clouding the tap of the hammer.” Lovely story, truly memorable.

Second rec, after much reading experience: I went to save my belief in the goodness of fic and reread it. Gosh, the utter loveliness of it! The hotness! The tension! And masterful storytelling! And superb characterisation! And the attention to detail! Awesome and awwwwsome. I totally fell in love all over again. Such a joy to read!

This is a fic to convert one to the pairing they don’t care about or even to turn a person to a fandom they don’t read. Makes me want to cry that Fabula doesn’t write in the fandoms I read anymore.

The Match, by Pir8fancier []
Gimli/Legolas, R, one-shot. Summary: For the first time in his relationship with Legolas, Gimli plays a game he does not want to win. Warnings: Implied slash, pissing in the wilderness, and I am not kidding.

I really enjoyed it! The plot is a pissing contest that leads to unexpected revelations. It’s a bit sappy and easy, but amusing too. I like the clear, light writing, and I didn’t find the situation implausible.

Promise, by cimorene []
Gimli/Legolas; R, longish one-shot. Summary: Legolas comes to terms with what he wants, though it’s hard to believe.

I liked it. I liked the language, very sure and beautiful; I liked the characterisation. It was a bit too elvishly romantic for me (one true love in thousands years and all), but not sappy at all, and it made me almost feel Legolas’ way of thinking and feeling the nature. But there was no plot, not really, so I’m afraid I’ll forget it. Maybe I’ll raise the rating from “[]” to “#” later when my impressions have settled.


Seven Year Itch, by Trianne []
Aragorn/Frodo, NC-17 (I’d say R), shortish. Summary: Frodo and Aragorn are living in domestic bliss in Minas Tirith. Well, they were…

This would be your typical romantic man/hobbit slash fic not worthy of a second glance were it not for the perspective, which, IMO, saves it, makes it interesting and fresh, and allowes author to show the depth of cultural differences. Seven years after the end of the war, Sam comes to visit Frodo who has lived in Minas Tirith as Aragorn’s consort. The story is made by Sam’s down-to-earth view of things, Frodo’s life included. Do I believe in the premise? Not at all. Do I believe in this besotted Aragorn? Not for a moment. But is it interesting to read? Yes, very much so.


Little One, by Baranduin []
Boromir/Frodo, NC-17, 5 chapters. Summary: As the Ring goes south, Frodo and Boromir’s relationship evolves.

The fic is almost what I want. It’s interesting and readable, even decently written, if to turn a blind eye to dangling participles and author’s total indistinguishing between “lie” and “lay.” First person, present tense (Frodo’s POV) reads well. It’s for once neither PWP nor lacks sex, neither excessively dark nor disregards the ring’s influence on both Frodo and Boromir. I enjoyed it. There’s one thing though that doesn’t let me say I liked it: the ending. Not that it’s bad or arbitrary. But as for me, it’s underdone. It ends with Frodo’s departure for Mordor and Boromir’s death, but the ending as the author wrote it looks somehow disproportional in comparison to how thoughtful and well-elaborated the rest of the fic is. IMO. But still it’s one of the most interesting approaches to Boromir/Frodo I’ve read.

Reflection of Mania, by Juxian Tang []
Boromir/Frodo, NC-17, short. Summary: Alternative Universe. Boromir is alive. Frodo confronts him.

I don’t believe but find it enjoyable. That is, I believe in this version of future and often believe even in Frodo’s way of thinking (if we agree to this AU premise), but not in Frodo’s voice. However, Juxian Tang can write, so despite my disbelief, she takes me along the ride and I enjoy it. Oh! Wait a moment! I got it. It’s not Frodo’s voice. Well, it is, or it’s supposed to be. But it’s Juxian Tang’s first person voice much more than a character’s voice! It’s very similar to Draco in Closure or Sirius in You Don’t Remember, both of which I love to bits. I guess you either love it or not. I fell under its enchantment too often not to love it. So yeah, I liked it here too. I like the rhythm of it. But what I probably like best is how graphic and not romanticised the sex here is. Hobbit/man graphic sex yay!


The Courtyard of the White Tree, by Baranduin []
Frodo/Faramir, some background Faramir/Eowyn, NC-17, chaptered novella. Summary: After the destruction of the Ring, Frodo meets Faramir again.
Sequel: News from Umbar: a WIP series in which “Frodo writes to Sam about a trying period in his and Faramir’s lives.”

I heard this story is popular among those who like hobbit interspecies fic, and I can see why. It’s long, relatively plotty — at least there’s some intrigue: how the “Eowen problem” will be solved and how Faramir and Frodo will find a place to be together. It’s less fluffy and more passionate that the other F/F fics I’ve read so far. It’s romance, so the declarations of love forever and holding hands are present of course. The sex is hot, although rather cliched more often than not. Stylistically, it’s not a masterpiece, but the writing is sure and doesn’t poke you in the eye with either overdone things or bad language — except maybe “pulled him to him” that occurs once in a while. One thing I didn’t like was “choose your own adventure” ending.

I don’t really have a problem with this story. I enjoyed reading it, I liked it, but it didn’t hook me and I skimmed past some parts. I’d say that despite their being believable (theoretically at least, or judging by the readers’ response), I can’t quite believe in this Frodo or this Faramir. Nor could I quite believe in them in the F/F fics I read before ‘cept maybe Lexin’s (see below). But if you can, I think you might enjoy this story — it’s quite lovely and long.

From My Hand Only, by Gillian (gillianinoz on lj) #
Frodo/Faramir, NC-17, novella. Warnings: slave-slash, non-con/dub-con, abuse of power; amnesiac!mute!Frodo. Synopsis: “This is a totally AU story (duh) where a young Captain Faramir finds a halfling who has been held captives by orcs. The halfling has no memory or language and Faramir takes him as a pet.”

This story is a really interesting AU. I couldn’t tear myself from the screen. So it’s the second fic I’m saving to my hd :)

The story is set pre-quest, but it wasn’t quite clear to me ‘cos I don’t know LotR canon in minute detail. So I read it as an AU where the settings imply that either there’s no ring in existence or there’s no ring at this time to change the lives of the hobbits and the Steward’s family. There’s a chain of what-ifs: what if there was no ring to influence their lives; what if Frodo got caught by the orcs and suffered a lot on their hands; what if he’s lost his memory and the ability to speak. What if Faramir had an opportunity to execute absolute power over somebody defenseless with nothing to stop him. Etc. One could say that neither Frodo nor Faramir are particularly believable here, but I think they are — taking into account the what-ifs. The result is rather creepy. But the AU peculiarities are not what makes me like the story. It’s the writing. It just grabs you.

This is the sort of fic I’ve been looking for. It’s the story you read and then are unable to get it out of your head, your mind brimming with implications, your heart crying with compassion for various parties. The story is disturbing. A blank slate Frodo gets rescued by Faramir who doesn’t know what Frodo is but gradually, uncovering his species identity, falls for him, all the while training him as his pet. You’d think Faramir is nicer. But we know him as nice to his friends and allies. Who knows if a warrior that he is would respect an unknown creature as he would respect an equal? And it’s not as if he is nasty to Frodo. He’s not cruel; he doesn’t hurt Frodo — but he takes advantage of him, and his thoughts on the matter, this is what makes it so disturbing. It’s like pseudo-chan: we know that Frodo is no child, and Faramir’s come to the same conclusion, but all those words underlining how small, fragile-looking, pretty Frodo is to Faramir and the fact that Frodo can’t quite comprehend what Faramir asks of him push it very close to chan. Or to the sexual abuse of mentally deficient people.

It would be much more simple and forthright if Faramir in this fic didn’t evoke our compassion or sympathy. He knows that what he’s doing is wrong. He’s head over heels for his pet. He cares for him but can’t help taking advantage of him. He cares but dismisses a person in his pet. But then he sees glimpses of enchanting personality buried under Frodo’s muteness. It’s a horrible mess for him, and it’s him who got himself into this mess. But since the story is told in his perspective, you can’t help sharing his thoughts and feelings.

The sex is very wrong and very hot. The plot is tense. At “Mithrandir approaches!” you realise that things are going pear-shaped very fast, and it’s just OMG ‘cos you want Frodo to be rescued but can’t help worrying about what will happen to Faramir.

Disturbing, kinky, sad, sweet in places, heart-wrenching in others, captivating — this is all about this story. So it’s a definite recommednation.

Some Other End, by Lexin (also at TLoM, but I like FFnet formatting better) []
Frodo/Faramir, R (I’d say PG-13), novella. Warning: Interspecies (well, clearly). AU. Summary: In an alternate universe, Boromir survived Amon Hen, Denethor was not driven insane by the palantír and Frodo is offered an unexpected reward.

I don’t know about others, but for me as a newbie AU is an almost impossible thing to read. For me now every non-AU fic reads as AU ‘cos they explore the things that didn’t happen in the book. So another degree of making things up is one degree too much for me. When I clicked on AUs several times, browsing your recs, I closed the window as soon as I realised that it’s AU. Not so with this one. I was just curious what Lexin wrote in LotR, so I decided to give it a try, and the beginning led me in very smoothly.

It features Virgin!Faramir and Top!Frodo, although it’s only through implication. You know, I usually like any rating. If a fic is explicit, great. If not, great. But this fic is one of the few cases where I wished for it to be graphic. No, I don’t think it lacks sex or anything. I just have a feeling that I would like those omitted scenes.

I can’t quite say I liked this story but I found it interesting and fascinating — I didn’t want to drop out. It’s strange to read an arranged marriage interspecies fic. It’s written in a light, plain language. Amusing in places, sweet or bewildering in others — don’t forget, I’m looking from the outside. A bit under-fleshed-out, as for me (forgive me the clumsy word), or maybe it makes the impression of “scenes from the life of….” Anyway, it won’t be a favourite of mine, but I enjoyed reading it. And when I’m thinking of it, it’s with fondness.

The Twentieth Day, by Laura Mason []
Frodo/Faramir, PG-13, AU, long. Summary: “The first change is that Faramir makes the journey to Imladris.”

Laura Mason in this story supports my thought that it doesn’t matter what, it matters how. Write the same cliche in another manner, in other words and style, and I’ll lap it up. Have a long quote:

But the physical beauty, striking though marred by bruises, is not Faramir’s overriding impression. Rather, he feels that he recognizes the spirit shining through the form. Though he is a halfling, small and furry-footed, Faramir feels akin to him. This is no stranger. Faramir has been waiting for him his entire life.

Faramir drops from his horse ungracefully, his eyes wide. His mouth hangs open awkwardly as he watches the halfling greet Gandalf affectionately.

He thought he’d outgrown romantic nonsense. He told himself he’d never feel the jolt that poets describe. He was wrong.

He tries to compose himself and fails. He does not believe in love at first sight. Rather, he didn’t believe until this moment.

This is my thing — the same fluffy romance cliche written differently. Even present tense doesn’t annoy me. I also liked the “gliding” POV: it’s Frodo, then Gandalf for a moment, then Faramir, then Sam, and I never noticed how it went from one to another. All in all, I liked the story.


Bond of Honor, by Tirinwe (meri_oddities on lj) (also at TLoM) #
Eomer/Haldir, NC-17, novella. AU where Haldir survives.

Erm, I have quite a story with this story. I was trolling archives and communities as usual and came across this story. It was just a passing complimentary mention but I clicked on the link and so it was kept open in one of my innumerable open tabs for a week or two. The name Tirinwe said nothing to me. I’d never come across it before. In the author notes, the author mentioned that the concept came from Morgana, which nearly made me close it ‘cos I hadn’t liked Morgana’s fics that I had tried. But I started reading and the further the more I liked it. And then I had an epiphany: Eomer/Haldir! It’s a pretty rare pairing, wouldn’t you say? And it’s a bonding story. Funny that I seem to vaguely remember somebody reccing me something featuring this pairing and a bond under my very first LotR post where I asked you for recs… Who was it? Oh my! It was a person whose HP fics I like very much; they mentioned that they had written a LotR fic. One LotR fic. But I wasn’t interested in the pairing then, so I put off reading until a later date. And here we come. I’m reading a forced bonding fic, enjoying it immensely, and this is a fic by Meri Oddities, the very Meri whose bonding HP fics are my bread and butter and probably deserts too! You should have heard me laugh at myself.

This is a wonderful story. The bond — the thing I have found either pretty unbelievable or too “twu-wuw-ey” in LotR fiction — here works perfectly well and is perfectly plausible. The battles for dominance (and the submission, when it comes) are very much in character. This story has many interesting details; what I liked best, possibly, was how Eomer’s coming to be a king was written. All in all, it’s high Romance: well-written, interesting, intense, and ultimately satisfying. *happy sigh*

If I Were Queen Of The Forest, by Halrloprillalar []
Multiple; R, short. Summary: More sex in Lothlorien. It’s like the gay bar of Middle Earth.

You know, me+humour=/=love, but this story made me laugh. It’s crack/parody, but a subtle one and very well written. Galadriel calls pairs of characters to amuse her. It sort of had a snowball effect on me, so when it came to the last one, I was laughing out loud:

When Legolas saw all the elves gathered in the glade, he wondered why they hadn’t invited him earlier. It was obvious they’d been here for hours already.

The grass where they made him stand was all crushed and it looked a little sticky. Nobody else had sticky grass to stand on.

Stud Fee, by Isabeau of Greenleaf []
Elladan/Eomer, NC-17, shortish. Summary: Elladan and Eomer strike a rather unique bargain. Warning: Nonconsensual issues here, sort of. Or more accurately, Consensual But Not Happy About It.

This story, IMO, is written really well. I still don’t care for Elves, but here a minor character, namely Elladan, is fleshed out to become really interesting. Another question entirely is that, as for me, it could as well be Elrohir or any other minor Elf. But this is one of those stories that make its world come alive. Here it’s all about horses. Or almost so. The mare that gave birth to the best horses of the Mark is getting older and refuses to mate. That is, refuses the best Rohan’s stallions but favours one of the Elvish horses from Elrond’s entourage. Eomer will do anything to get a foal. Elladan uses Eomer’s desires to his advantage. I loved the portrayal of both Eomer and Elladan here. I think it’s wonderful that we can see more character here in their small actions and reactions than in many a long fic.

More fiction by the author: Altariel and Isabeau - Fiction.

Go to: LotR FPS recs: gen


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